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My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2014

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Blogging has become really influential that many brands and organizations have been engaging bloggers to run campaigns to promote their products, services or advocacy. Aside from sharing personal ideas, thoughts, revelations, realizations and awakenings, blogging has turned into a promotional tool to spread news about almost everything.

This can be attributed to the popularity of smartphones with Internet access which also eventually led to the creation of useful and entertaining mobile apps that somehow are already changing our lifestyle. This gave opportunity to startups to develop apps that are now reshaping e-commerce and the way we do business and even leisure.

There has been blogs coming out with significant and relevant content that are both entertaining and informative, as well as useful and reliable. They are slowly becoming a source of readers who are looking to be informed and educated. While some were created to simply provide an outlet for the author to express himself, many are online to serve as an alternative means of earning.

There are several blogs out there that are emerging to be influential for many so this is the time we recognize them. Please just bear in mind that we got the list from the ones submitted for consideration. Although there are probably a lot more deserving blogs out there, we just do not have the capability to inspect each one of them since there is a requirement that the blogs must be fairly new. Only blogs created anytime from August 1, 2013 to the present are qualified to be cited.

Here are my top ten emerging influential blogs of 2014:

1. Eats Now or Never - Like they said, they ask the weirdest questions. I get attracted to the not so normal stuff so if I find a different style, I get hooked until there's a new one that's a lot better. But since I do not remove my following, all of them are still being read.

2. - Another community blog that elevates the standards of blogging into a collaborative effort. I would love to work with minds similar in intentions - to create more opportunities to work together.

3. Dateline Movies
- Teenagers should spend their time productively and what way to better combine entertainment with information but to blog about our hobbies.Watching movies and doing a review afterwards is productive for me.

4. Freelance Blend - We need more blogs like these that highlight freelancers so it will be beneficial to those that want to start earning more without the having a boss.

5. Delightfully Desserts - I love food blogging but the best part is when we get to the desserts portion. It is always the last hurrah that also offers a lasting impression from the diner.

6. Nutri Facts in the Packs - Nutrition is less considered in the world of food blogging so when a blog aims to inform about these benefits, then that is something worth to look at.

7. Dok Tour - Like what he said, it is very rare for someone from the medical profession who blogs about lots of fun adventure in the world of blogging everything under the sun.

8. BPO True Stories - There are a lot of things happening in the BPO world and I am quite shocked it comes to a point where some will resort to suicide. This blog should be interesting enough to keep me preoccupied.

9.Sole Searching Soul
- Soulmates take notice of a blog that tries to inspire a more intimate approach to writing about adventure. More than just traveling, it is about creating our own path.

10. Mommy Bloggers Philippines - This is a noble cause to unite bloggers in one community.

The following are sponsors of the writing project:

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  1. Thanks Ross for having Nutri Facts in your list of nominees for Emerging Influential Blogs 2014. Cheers!


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