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Zomato Foodies Enjoyed Heavenly Delights at Angel's Kitchen

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Zomato let's you discover foodie places that may be out of your radar due to the fact that there are just so many restaurants and other food spots available in the Metro. Their very convenient app allows you to search for dining alternatives so you could experience more possible favorites within your neighborhood or nearby areas.

They also hold special events with foodies every now and then, and you'll feel really honored you are among the few that they invite. Our Zomato foodies meet-up at Angel's Kitchen was more than just a food or restaurant review, it was an opportunity to get to know fellow foodies more intimately, that is, if you can steer your focus away from the delightful and heavenly dishes being served.

Since taking photos of the food is a necessity before finally trying them out, most of us are engrossed in trying our best to get the best shot of the food that will truly be presented in the most delicious way for the benefit of our readers. There is such a thing called the "yummy angle" that would make the food look more sumptuous than it really is. Some would even go to a greater extent of actually doing "food porn", and even beyond that - like applying an assortment of stuff just to make the food look more appetizing.

But the real foodies would spend several minutes taking photos of the food as is from different angles, probably re-arranged the food with a spoon or pork to make it more organized and facing properly, wait for the others to finish, then dine on the already cold food before it gets any more colder.

The Angel's kitchen signage
Angel's Kitchen seems small from the outside, but when you get inside the restaurant, you'll realize it could probably seat around 50 people all at the same time. It is therefore suitable for a medium-size gathering with friends, relatives and colleagues. Since it's located near the Greenhills commercial area, it's also quite convenient to walk to the restaurant if you commuted and got off along Ortigas Avenue fronting the Greenhills Shopping Complex. It's exact address is at 57 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills, San Juan.

Mi Casa specialty food store
Right beside the restaurant was a specialty food store called Mi Casa that is owned by the same people and contains fine food products like walnut cookies, squid rings, tamarind sauce, sweet chili sauce, spicy tawilis, roast pork bun, beef mechado, and surprisingly, even home and kitchen sprays.

Angel's Kitchen dining area
The place is cozy enough for a relaxing dining experience. Wooden chairs with foams along with comfy sofas situated along the walls. Their walls have lots of framed magazine and newspaper cut-outs of articles all about Angel's Kitchen. It seems they have already been the talk of the town since they have been published already in many publications.

Just like at home where we love hanging our accomplishments on our walls, Angel's Kitchen would want you to feel the same comfort when they proudly display their write-ups.

All tables have the intricately designed bottles for drinking water
The intricately designed water bottles are conversational centerpiece attractions. One of my fellow foodies even wanted to bring one home. You may ask for ice if you prefer your water cold since they serve it lukewarm in the bottles.

Plain white table mats cover the entire table giving it a neater look and adding to the simplicity of the ambiance. You won't find stunning prints of their logos on the table mats, or even the table napkins

An antique cabinet will greet you right beside the entrance
There were also a few decorative items like this seemingly antique cabinet containing some books and other decors. They really try their best to exude a homey atmosphere,

Pies and cakes of all kinds
They also have a great selection of cakes and pies that I could imagine as delectable as their Rustic Apple Pie - an award-winning recipe that also made Angel's Kitchen famous aside from their signature Bagnet and Pinakbet Rice with Chocolate Bagoong.

The award-winning Rustic Apple Pie
It's as yummy as it looks, or maybe better. The Rustic Apple Pie is definitely a lot of real apples poured with butterscotch syrup when served on a per slice basis.

The five mommies that own Angel's Kitchen
You can see some photos of the five owners posted from different publication cut-outs framed and hanged on their walls. But we were fortunate enough to be welcomed by one of them, namely Maizie Qua, who was actually who grabbed the opportunity to purchase and own Angel's Kitchen when she heard the original owners were migrating to the United States.

Along with her friends Marie Ong, Lucy Ong, Liza Sy, and Lina Tan, they are now the proud owners of this homey cafe which they really want people to feel like they are at home and enjoying comfort food served with their own distinctive twist.
Maizie Qua welcomed the Zomato foodies at Angel's Kitchen
Melba Chips and Chicken Pate
The complimentary crunchy Melba Chips and Chicken Pate could very well signify how equally good the main dishes would be. This is the perfect way to start your dining experience. You can ask for refills if you want more of these delightful treats.

Beef Taquitos   (P 258)
The Beef Taquitos were an awesome array of fresh and tasty ingredients that will bring out your appetite. You'll love every crackling bite of this where you have full control of how much you would like per serving. Open your mouth wide and bite big and passionately to appreciate the wonderful sensation it brings to the taste buds.

If I was not sharing this dish with a group, I would have consumed it all. But I do need to leave some room for more dishes coming out of the kitchen.

Iced Tea
We should not forget the iced tea because this is absolutely better than most iced teas I've tasted.

Tuyo Puttanesca (P 358)
The Tuyo Puttanesca is also a well-loved signature dish at Angel's Kitchen. You will know why once you've tasted it. I'm not sure if they were the very first to use tuyo in pasta dishes, but this one is definitely the best one there is among the many similar dishes that I've tasted so far.

Parmesan and Caesar Glaze (P 388)
Served with rice,  the Parmesan and Caesar Glaze is dory broiled to perfection, with glazed lemon and bacon bits plus crisp lettuce leaves as garnish.

Truly soft, tender and fine in taste, I was glad it was served with rice so I could enjoy the meal ala Filipino style. Eating it with our staple food rice simply makes it more delicately yummy.

Bagnet (Lechon Kawali) with Pinakbet Rice and Chocolate Bagoong (P 428)
I was reminiscing my Ilocos trip while sampling their their Bagnet with Pinakbet Rice and Chocolate Bagoong. This is one of their signature dishes that made them famous.

Mandarin Chicken (P 408)
The Mandarin Chicken in tangy orange sauce is a clever way to make fried chicken more interesting enough. There are real slices of oranges that totally perks up this dish to a gastronomic delight. It's way better than the fast food version.

Lava Cake
 Desserts are also special at Angel's Kitchen. The Lava Cake is exceptionally good up to the last bite. I wanted to eat it all up before the vanilla ice cream melts.

Rustic Apple Pie
Of course, I will not leave without tying out their Rustic Apple Pie with Butterscotch sauce. This really made the night more special as it ended the dining experience with a sweet treat! I actually personally requested for it when I learned that they were just suppose to serve the lava cake. My wish was fulfilled because I got what I wanted.

I was glad I requested for it. This brought out a sincere smile out of me since I enjoyed every piece of both desserts.

Everything is cooked to order so you have to wait a considerable amount of time before your food gets served. But believe me when I say that the wait is totally worth every second. Thanks to women like Maizie who had her eye on the restaurant and continued running the business with her business partners instead of being closed down by the original owners. I don't really know the exact story behind the purchase, but she probably made all efforts to finally become the owner of such an amazing restaurant. Maybe we could request to have an opportunity to get back and partake on more of their delightful dishes, and be granted an interview this time.

I would appreciate a more personal story behind the restaurant and their dishes so that the customers will get to know more of Angel's Kitchen not just as a mere dining place serving great food but also as a place created by an amazing group of individuals with their respective interesting stories. Wouldn't you like to know each and everyone's contribution and role in running the restaurant and their future plans too?

To get some updates about Angel's Kitchen, check out their Facebook page:

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