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The Turning Point of Agnes Tadia

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Rarely do we encounter some local poets and writers that pours his or her heart and soul to the craft. Our culture tends to focus on foreign authors that some of our local writers are forgotten. So they venture to cyberspace to find not just a voice but a crowd who is willing to listen. We need to support them in their works and make Pinoy authors on top again. Today we will meet such rarities of the wordsmith kind. She hails from Batangas City and is a former teacher. She is ready to guide you to her turning point. Will you come and join the journey? Here's our interview with poet and writer Agnes Tadia.

Wazzup Pilipinas: Is there a difference between teaching and writing?

Agnes Tadia: In the real sense of the word, there are differences between teaching and writing. Teaching is instructing and facilitating learning among students while writing is composing text through words or symbols to convey meaning.

On a personal level, teaching for me is my career that gives me joy and satisfaction. It is the extension of myself wherein it improves my personal and professional life. Through it, I can share my knowledge in English and Literature subjects to students which in the process beneficial for both of us. However, writing is the outlet of my deepest thoughts and emotions fashioning it to be the imprint of my insights in life.

Wazzup Pilipinas: Where did you get the idea in writing a book like this? Can you elaborate the process of producing your books?

Agnes Tadia: As a struggling writer, I get my idea in writing through the reflection of my own experiences as well as others’ experiences. I extract all those written words mostly from my insights in life and my analysis of people’s experiences and situation. ​​​​​Producing those two books is really hard to come by which encompasses several tasks that demands careful attention to details. Conceptualizing books which cater to the needs of readers is the first consideration in producing books. Thinking about the design, layout and over-all presentation of books as well as the target market and price of books is also a major consideration… and the rest would just follow.

Wazzup Pilipinas: As a writer, what are the lessons you have learned while producing these books?

Agnes Tadia: I have learned that God has His own way of helping us realize our goals and dreams in life. I never thought that  I would become an author simply because I came from a poor family. I was a self-supporting or working student and writing has become my shock-absorber ventilating my ideas and feelings. With this, I realize that one who is devoid of money and influence in life can reach one’s dream through hard work, optimistic attitude and prayers. That would sound a bit cliché but that is so true based on my experience.

Wazzup Pilipinas: Which of the two books is nearest to your heart and why?

Agnes Tadia: Definitely it is the Turning Point. The first one is World’s Literary Gems---  a textbook in Literature which is my critic to various writers. That is some kind of an academic and scholarly pursuit. Turning Point is ME making it close to my heart because it is a self-help book. I repackaged my life into 3-in-1 ranging from the age 18, 22 and 25. It is like a trilogy wherein poetry, philosophy and psychology are combined in one book.

The turning point in my life is when I met poetry at 18 which in various ways filled my emotional needs. With it, problems and difficulties are redesigned in a way that is bearable. The beauty of language and its form of expression re-stated the soul-shaking value of my growing-up years in a more acceptable and dignified way.

At 22, philosophy served as another turning point which sought me to understand mystery of existence and reality. Thus, I clarified what I believed and reconciled different points of views. In a similar vein, it not just gave comfort to my unresolved issues or compensated my wishful thinking and desire but directed me into a positive way of living.

By the very definition, at 25, psychology moved me to reach the innermost core of my heart inspiring me to become a better and mature individual. It  awakened my spirit and let us in a little unknown bit of my soul. Through it, I understood myself as well as other people that may contribute to a good life and redeemed society.

So much has been said but Turning Point is really me, that is why the title of my blog is Turning Point also.

Wazzup Pilipinas: Please invite our readers to check you and your books.

Agnes Tadia: First of all, I would like to invite you to follow my blog:

Second of all, if you would like to purchase my books, you can contact me on my email address:

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