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Palmeras Restaurant of Zamboanga: Doing the Knickerbocker All the Way

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You'll know everyone liked it when we can't stop talking about it. The ultimate proof is when everyone votes to order it on the last day before going back to Manila. This delectable dessert from Palmeras Restaurant of Zamboanga was simply a blockbuster hit for all of us that we persuaded our host to treat us out again with the yummy treat while we ate at another restaurant.

The Knickerbocker from Palmeras Restaurant is not really that complicated to make because its simply similar to our native halo-halo but instead of beans, sweet potatoes, and other traditional halo-halo ingredients with ice, they used an assortment of fruits instead, plus a few jellos then generously trickled with cream and topped off with a scoop of strawberry ice cream.

There was melon, banana, ripe mango, watermelon,.... and one of our companions even said he tasted avocado somewhere in the mix.

The Palmeras Restaurant serves a lot of delightful dishes but it was their dessert that became the talk of the afternoon, and until the next grueling days when we felt hot under the scorching heat. "How I wish I was eating a knickerbocker right now" I would say to myself. Maybe because it had an extraordinary name unlike any other but what is a name if it didn't taste great as well.

In fairness to the other dishes from the restaurant, I will also share them with you as they also brought out a huge appetite from our group.

Palmeras is one of Zamboanga’s most iconic and popular family restaurants. Others refer to it as Hacienda de Palmeras Hotel and Restaurant as there's also an accommodation where you can stay. They have another restaurant called Eureka which offers Japanese cuisine located behind the Palmeras restaurant.


I guess the restaurants here are fond of using red and white checkered table cloths. We've seen almost the same design back at the Country Chicken restaurant last night, and now we are seeing it again.

The ceiling lamps creates an ambiance that is appealing to the sight. Even though its an open area, without air-conditioning, and bright enough during the daytime, they still open the lamp lights to make a statement.

There were also chairs and tables located at some other areas around the restaurant so it's also possible to arrange an outdoor gathering for any occasion.

The table setup is modest but all in hues of white except for the silverware.

The baked clams came out first and quickly disappeared as fast as it came in. Seriously, who wouldn't want to gobble up this buttered delicacy, except for the shells of course. It's already mouth-watering just by looking at it.

The Egg and Corn Soup came in next all warm and just right in taste. I adore nibbling on the bits of corn because I used to do something like these when I was still young. The first time I tried one like this, I tried to imitate and was successful.

Similar to our previous dining experience back at Kape Zambo, Palmeras Restaurant also has something like a Seafood platter or Bilao composed of calamares, fried bangus and shrimps but also with chicken adobo, and similarly,  slices of green mangoes with bagoong on its side. 

There was also a Pancit Sotanghon that was also gone in just a few minutes. I don't really know, I may just have been too busy taking photos of the food that when I came back to one to have my share, there would be so little left in the plate...but I'm not complaining...hehehe

Too tempting again to eat it all up and suffer the consequence later but the Litson Kawali was outstanding. I could still taste the crispiness of the pig skin, but I wouldn't want to convince you to eat more of this as I'm too concerned about your health. Nevertheless, the youth can eat all they could while they are young but don't just leave the veggies for the adults since we still deserve some cholesterol every now and then. Lol!

Gambas. Another magic trick. However, it is quite hilarious that there would always be the last piece that would be left because many will hesitate to empty the plate by being the last man to touch it. We Filipinos are just too ... I don't really know how to describe it...but "nagkakahiyaan lang talaga tayo."

I tried an Avocado Shake this time. It was high time I try something else than just Mango Shake because I need to explore more gastronomic possibilities even in the line of shakes, juices and wines.

Of course, the star of the restaurant, the Knickerbocker needs no further definitions or praises. It has really made a name for itself, and you couldn't really say you've done it all in Zamboanga if you haven't tried out this medley of fruits dessert.

Thank you Palmeras for such wonderful food. You will definitely be  forever in our memories not just because of your knickerbocker, but also because this was the first meal shared by most of us as we were joined by other members of the media coming from other newspaper and magazine publications of Manila.

They just arrived that day coming from Manila and went directly to the Mt. Baluno site to join us in our birdwatching, and now we share lunch together for the first time.

Thank you for the knickerbocker memories, and may it not be the last time we get to try it as we are all hoping to return to Zamboanga soon to cover and celebrate the other festivities of the city.

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