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LM Metro Hotel of Zamboanga City: Alternative Accommodation at Asia's Latin City

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I got a short tour of another hotel during my stay at Zamboanga City to attend the many celebrations happening that week which included the 9th Philippine Bird Festival, the Dia De Zamboanga activities, and the launch of the Cinematheque Zamboanga, among other festivities scheduled by the Department of Tourism Region 9 and the local government units.

The LM Metro Hotel, located at Don Toribio street corner Falcatan street of barangay Tetuan, was one of the newest hotel there that was supposed to open last year but also one of the businesses that got affected by the sudden outbreak of the Zamboanga siege. It was far from ground zero, but the siege simply was bad news for many to operate their businesses while a war was going on between the rebels and government forces. 

The hotel boasts of amenities sufficient enough for a great stay since it already has your basic needs. The improvements on existing facilities and the construction of additional ones are ongoing. They have great plans for the hotel to be able to satisfactory comply with above average standards, if not exceed expectations.

It has a coffee shop near the hotel lobby called 3rd Cup Cafe (I am just not sure if its called 3rd Cup Cafe because they are also into Third wave coffee), a Casa LM Restaurant just infront within the compounds of the hotel, and a Sky Gym where fitness and health buffs already hang out to workout.

LM Metro Hotel is owned by the Luy family. It is an expansion of the Luy family's existing business of carrageenin trading. The official Facebook page of the hotel says they envision to be a place which offers convenient and quality service at affordable prices, and adding that they strive to give their guests a memorable experience, a place they will never forget and a home away from home.

Miss Jacquee Carrasco, who heads the hotel, welcomed us for breakfast at her hotel.

Lovely ladies man the reception area to handle all guest bookings and relations.

What you'll immediately notice when you enter the hotel was the see-through glass elevator where you could clearly see the guests inside as they go from one floor to the next. Except for the elevator door and floor, everything else is made of transparent material. Though it was not the first time I've seen one like it, I think its the first in Zamboanga to have one like it.

Before touring the hotel, we ate our breakfast first since I just arrived from the airport that day all the way from Manila. My flight was early morning so I haven't eaten breakfast yet and only had coffee that morning. We dropped off my bags at the Garden Orchid Hotel before going directly to the LM Metro Hotel for breakfast.This is where we met with the manager, who later I realized was actually the mother of the DOT representative who invited us to Zamboanga, after I asked for her name.

Simple table setting for breakfast

A light plated breakfast courtesy of LM Metro Hotel
Our breakfast was modest composed of fried rice, tuna slice and scrambled eggs with slices of tomato and cucumber at the sides. I had two servings of coffee that morning to keep me awake as I know it was the start of very hectic days in Zamboanga. I've read the list of activities planned within the 4 days of stay so I have more or less an idea of what we will be going through for the upcoming days.

Papaya slices
This type of papaya is teeming with color and great tasting as well. Just like the vintas that are symbolic of Zamboanga. Very vibrant and appealing.

The rooms (which totals to 33) of the LM Metro Hotel are quite smaller compared to the ones at Garden Orchid hotel where I was staying but its fair and good enough considering the very affordable daily rates. If you are on a budget but would still want a fair accommodation that is not too shabby but comfy enough for ha much needed rest and relaxation you'd want in your room, then this is an ideal place to stay and take your load off.

This is however better than the rooms from hotels in Cotabato that I used to stay in. The rooms here offer more space to move around conveniently.

The available room types consists of a Suite with Jacuzzi for two, Family Rooms for four, Executive Rooms for three, Twin de Luxe Rooms for two, and De Luxe Rooms for two.

The hotel has function rooms that are spacious enough for a modest gathering. There are three functions rooms namely Gold, Silver and Platinum for any occasion like parties, weddings, birthdays, baptisms and reunions. We got to see one while there was an activity going on so I generally have an idea of its potentials.

The Sky Gym meets your requirements for basic exercise equipments plus there are three trainers on duty alternating on shifts that can help you. If I remember it correctly, there are two male and a female trainer on board the gym who can become your best friends soon if you work out a lot. I met two of them on duty that day and asked them to pose for the camera so I could post their photos online.

Burn up those fats and calories as you enjoy working out at the Sky Gym where you'll have access to a better form by exercising regularly to firm up or shape up some muscles.

If you want to become fit and buffed just like the two the head on over to the Sky Gym, and get to meet the two in person.

The Sky Gym has several exercise and body-building equipments to put you into shape in no time, plus check out all those thread mills.

Aside from just coffee and other drinks, the 3rd Cup Cafe also offers pastries (say Krispy Kreme) for their guests (I guess they will soon be able to offer their own brand soon), and they told me that students from nearby schools also hang out there to study or simply to chill out with friends or classmates. It's like your favorite coffee shop around the neighborhood. Now, I forgot to ask if they already have wi-fi connections, then that would have made it perfectly complete. I'm sure they have Internet as it has been already a selling factor to have wi-fi access within your business premises.

There are plenty of seats and tables to enjoy reading a book or work on your laptop while sipping a cup of coffee or munching on some donuts.

More seats available to the hotel guests and since its just beside the hotel lobby where a few more seats are available, you'll never run out of a perfect spot to unwind and read a newspaper or magazine, or browse through your social media accounts or email, or perhaps read an e-book from your tablet if you're the geeky type like me.

The sofas at the hotel lobby are of course more comfortable to sit down and relax while listening to your music player via earphone.

Casa LM Restaurant was not operational during the day when I visited it, but the Manager said it will soon be offering lunch soon. Maybe it already is as of this writing so if in case you happen to pass by the area, be sure to check it our for yourself and take time to comment here to let me know.

I would have liked to try out the food, but maybe next time when I visit Zamboanga again (if given another opportunity to visit).

So if you're wondering on where to stay in Zamboanga, you can check out the LM Metro Hotel for budget-wise rates that won't break the bank or totally empty your pockets.

I couldn't really share how it was doing an overnight there because we only made a short tour of the hotel. But first impressions dictates that this hotel deserves high recommendations.

See you again soon for my next Zamboanga stories.

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