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Chef's Noodle Introduces New Endorser Sam Concepcion

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My first taste of real Korean culinary was no other but from Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant. Before I was a blogger, the only food I knew was Filipino dishes. Well, yes.. I may have eaten some foreign dishes in the past, but it's my first time to eat something authentic from a Korean Restaurant.

I was there when they introduced their very first endorsers like Down to Mars and Grace Lee. I was also present when they renewed Grace Lee's endorsement contract. Now I also recently attended their formal launch of a new Chef's Noodle brand endorser - Sam Concepcion, the teen actor, singer and dancer well-loved by the youth because of his flexibility as a performer.

Beauty queen Shamcey Supsup and her husband Lloyd Lee is also among the other special endorsers of the Korean restaurant, but Sam Concepcion is here to project an image of youthfulness and freshness that is the basic characteristics of Chef's Noodle. The restaurant is fast becoming a diner's haven for those that love everything about Korea.

I could still remember my first take-out of their dishes from their Greenhills branch. The staff were very courteous and helped me with my choices from the menu. What was great was the affordability because I remember going home with two paper bag full of dishes for only a few bucks. Back home, my family and I enjoyed the feast, and they had no complaints of the food.

At a media launch held last April 10, 2014 at their Robinson's Magnolia branch located at the lower ground floor of the mall, Sam Concepcion, together with the owners and management of Chef's Noodle graced the event to announce Sam Concepcion as it newest product endorser.


Sam Concepcion was available for interview as members of the media ask away with questions, and was even asked of other questions outside his endorsement duties with the Korean restaurant. I guess it would always be a part of an artists life to be asked of personal questions when common sense should dictate us that we should only ask questions related to the event.

But I shouldn't talk about the particular issue, as well as the part when media loss control and swarmed upon Sam Concepcion as soon as he entered the restaurant and headed for the presscon area. The media people who all came early were blocked from view and loss the chance of getting a better shot of Chef's Noodle's newest endorser. Even to the point of seemingly ignoring the host who was trying to request them to do otherwise. Well, they got their way, and too bad for poor Nikki Veron Cruz, the host of the event, because I felt what she was probably feeling that moment when she couldn't put everyone in their proper place.

I just made the most of what I could considering how we were blocked by the horde of zombies all after Sam Concepcion's brain....oh sorry, I was talking about The Walking Dead...

Below you'll see some of my shots where I desperately try to be a little more creative given the circumstances.

I guess Sam Concepcion must really be a big star since some members of the media will risk being branded negatively just to get a better shot or video of him, or they must be die-hard fans themselves, willing to go after Sam Concepcion wherever he goes.It is understandable. Unlike us bloggers, they have a boss to report to, and apologize if they don't make the shot. We, on the other hand, would just have to become more creative to come out with an alternative way to make this article more interesting. Lol!

Below are some shots I got after most of the members of the media went out already since they already have enough materials for their news coverage.

I do understand that they need to be aggressive so they can release breaking headlines or entertainment stories. That's probably why I keep on declining to be a part of their world even after some invitations. I would just resort to contributing for them every now and then. But don't quote me on this because I have the tendency to eat not just Korean dishes but also my words. Hehehe!

Below you'll see some of the food we ate during the endorser launch. Chef's Noodle boasts of delectable Korean dishes at affordable prices.

Chef's Noodle's award winning Korean celebrity chef Choi In Sun might have the same predicament when he comes here again to Manila for the ribbon cutting ceremonies scheduled on the 23rd of April. He will soon realize how we are like the paparazzi at some times.

Going back to Sam Concepcion who revealed that he is truly honored to be a celebrity endorser of the restaurant, there is a mutual admiration between him and the owners who believe he is the appropriate endorser that perfectly captures the brand because of his coolness and vibrancy as a rising star, just like Chef's Noodles who is fairly new in the food industry in the Philippines.

I guess Sam Concepcion might really be the next Gary V. Incidentally, I remember a similar artist who was also given that praise when he was still young and new in the industry. e first saw him at a mini-concert in our school and he was grooving just like the total entertainer, but then he is now more known as "The Songwriter" because he was able to make his own identity. After all, it is not arguable that there is only one Gary V, and that Sam Concepcion can make a name for himself.

Thank you, Audie for allowing me to take a photo of you. We value your presence to add more celebrity spark to the event.

Thank you Nikki for that wonderful attitude during your hosting. She was still all smiles even when she seems to be just talking to herself...hahaha... Proud of you!

Thank you, Mario for not joining the media crowd in covering Sam Concepcion. What amazed me was that this guy was sitting comfortably outside with his cameraman while the rest of us struggled to take photos of Sam Concepcion. Now that's a professional media practitioner!

Thank you Chef's Noodle for an interesting afternoon filled with thoughts and memories. I guess it brought a lot of thinking on my part making this article too personal. But don't worry, I was already holding back. Lol!

As I have been saying, blogs were supposed to be personal since it started out with the intention as an online journal. I believe that a post should not just contain information about the main topic. It should also include your personal thoughts, feedbacks and reactions to make it really a full-pledge blog, and not simply a promotional tool.

Chef's Noodle actually doesn't need any promotion if everyone else will consider the value and quality of food they have to offer at their restaurants, but since everyone else is making great efforts and spending a great deal of their Marketing budget to boost their presence, you'll be at a disadvantage if you don't join the bandwagon. :)

You can visit Chef's Noodle at any of the branches seen above, as well as a few more branches opening soon. The owner revealed that there are already ongoing construction of new branches at your favorite locations within Metro Manila, and one of them is nearby SM Megamall. I live in Pasig so that would be the nearest for me. Yipee!!!

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