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Menarini Launches "Commit to Control Premature Ejaculation" Advocacy

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Now this is a topic that is least talked about even among families, friends or peers. You can easily count the ones that will be courageous enough to admit or reveal having difficulties keeping it "hard" and "long." Not too many will dare consult a doctor because that would seem to be so shameful and humiliating. I would probably just keep it to myself rather than announce to the world that I am suffering from premature ejaculation.

But wait! The problem is not solely limited to you. Your partner also deserves to be pleased with your sexual performance, and whether we like it or not, a sexual relationship is always part of the love life between couples. When one is not satisfied, then that may result to many lonely nights.

We do understand that love can go beyond the primal and basic instincts but a relationship is better when shared at its finest. Just like how an advertisement will ask "How much do you love your wife?" You'll do more than just take vitamins or food supplements to satisfy her sexual desires.

Menarini, the world's largest Italian biopharmaceutical company in the world, launches the "Commit to Control PE" advocacy to help couples overcome the problems of premature ejaculation by promoting awareness. The sexual dysfunction suffered by 1 out of 3 men should no longer be denied and kept in secrets because Menarini is here to help.

Hosted by RJ Ledesma and celebrity couple Suzie Entrata-Abrera and Paolo Abrera host the first ever summit focused on premature ejaculation - a topic that can no longer be confined and whispered about in secret.

A huge audience willing to know more about Menarini
Couple need to admit that they may need help from medical experts

Interviewing other celebrity couples like Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan and Anthony Pangilinan, and Regine Tolentino-Perez and Lander Vera Perez, as well as medical experts like Dr. Margie Holmes - author and psychologist specializing in sex therapy, Dr. Dennis Serrano - urologist and men's health expert, and Dr. Cay de Quiroz - Medical Director of Menarini Philippines, several issues were discussed including the difficulty of facing the problem of premature ejaculation. Survey has shown that not too many discuss the problem with their partner and that not too many will consult their doctors to seek out help.

Dr. Cay De Quiroz, Medical Director of Menarini Philippines
Menarini officials all together to Commit to Control PE

Photo Ops with Menarini officials

Dr. Margarita Go Singco-Holmes and husband Jeremy Baer

Maricel Laxa and Anthony Pangilinan

Regine Tolentino and Lander Vera Perez

Suzie Entrata and Paolo Abrera

Conducting their own survey among the attendees of the event, I am not even sure if the results that came out were seriously done because not too many will accept suffering from premature ejaculation - "when a man is unable to control or delay ejaculation on his own wish after vaginal penetration thus resulting in short latency time and decreased sexual satisfaction, as well as personal distress and interpersonal difficulty."

The problem of premature ejaculation affects many but sadly behind closed doors. Many opts to just brush it away instead of getting medical help. The Commit to Control PE advocacy of Menarini aims to bring to the forefront of consciousness the issue of premature ejaculation. Awareness to the issue leads to understanding and hopefully leading to acceptance that will eventually lead to individuals seeking help especially from medical experts.

Slight of hands and a truly gifted talent
I have to mention also the remarkable performance of the Talentadong Pinoy winner and his impressive work of art as we see images transform from one rendition to another. He served as a form of entertainment for the audience but the images he showed on screen were of couples obviously struggling against the problem but learning to cope it at the end.

The display on screen changes from one amazing image to another
Together we should commit to control premature ejaculation
Visit for more information about Menarini and what you can do to improve your relationship.

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