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LifeScience Center for Wellness and Preventive Medicine: Pioneering the Food Intolerance Test

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Your friendly neighborhood pambansang blogger of the Philippines is becoming a fitness and health buff. Yeah, I'm sincere with those words. Ever since my shirt size increased from a medium to an extra large, and I grew a beer belly even though I do not drink at all, and worsts is the unwanted growth of a second chin more popularly known as double chin....well I think you can imagine how horrified I was when one day I had the bad luck of looking into a man-size mirror and realized all that food and restaurant review made me look like a bullfrog.

I am actually relieved getting to be invited in health and wellness event. I guess everything that happens were really meant to be....or probably because being fit and healthy has become a fad for many...and a sign of opulence for some. Frankly, some treat the healthy lifestyle as a trademark of affluence since it is expensive to buy organic and "healthy" foods. After all, when you're living in a dump, you can't afford to be choosy with your food. Whatever comes, you grab it and eat it.

Now for those that can afford to buy well-balanced meal alternatives, there are many centers with trained experts that are now offering the healthy living lifestyle. The argument is that the cost of buying selected food choices is a lot cheaper in the long run compared to getting weary, looking ugly and falling sick in bed.

There is this terminology called food intolerance that would somehow provide you with the appropriate information towards a goal of keeping healthy.

LifeScience can help Filipinos get their right nutrition through a better understanding of food intolerance and how to benefit from FIT in meeting health goals and preventing health issues, how to eat healthy and present solutions to food intolerances. You'll be surprise that the food you once considered healthy may do the opposite for you if done the wrong way.


I was at awe when I came in to this event organized by LifeScience because I saw a very attractive lady doing a cooking demo infront. I loved the tattoos on her arms of which at first I thought were part of her skirt, but I was astonished when I realized they were tattoos. She was followed by another very pleasingly attractive lady who did another cooking demo.

Wow! Gone is the days when chefs were just confined to their inner sanctum called a kitchen because they can now be seen on TV as celebrities. Well...celebrities are enrolling in culinary class to become it has become a status symbol of excellence - you're somebody really special if you can cook!

But later I realized they were not chefs, but merely health advocates who loves to concoct their own healthy meals to maintain their beautiful body. Obviously, it does not require only several hours in the gym to keep fit and healthy. You also need to have a healthy diet (yeah, we knew that years ago) but what was amazing was the fact that pretty ladies are now ready to face an audience to share their secret to their lovely figures and healthy aura.



Erica Paredes and Ann Jacobe were simply heavenly scenery to behold. Now who wouldn't want to listen to models of healthy living, and who wouldn't be convinced for we can see that their recipes work to their benefit. Women would envy them for having great slim figures, and the men would ogle endlessly. The fact that they were even great in the kitchen adds plenty of points to their score.

The basic foundation of good health is right nutrition. It helps the proper function of our body, it supports growth and development of children, provides the strength and energy needed by adults, and helps the body's natural regeneration for those in their prime.

But do you ever wonder why despite eating healthy nutritious you still don't feel and look healthy? It's because our body is as unique as we are. Our body reacts differently to food, what is healthy food for one person may not be a healthy food for another. The ladies revealed that there is a science to learn about proper health and wellness.

LifeScience Center for Wellness and Preventive Medicine pioneered the Food Intolerance Test (FIT) in the country, which determines the type of food that your body is reactive to. Knowing your food intolerance guides your nutrition and ensures that what you eat is actually good for you.

Further to adhering to its commitment to provide Filipinos access to world class health and medical practices, LifeScience recently partnered with the Cambridge Nutritional Sciences (CNS), the global leader in food intolerance testing, to further strengthen its Food Intolerance Tests (FIT).

Thus, I've learned that becoming fit and healthy may not work if you don't have the right information about your particular food intolerance. You should consult the experts at LifeScience so you'll no longer be baffled why on Earth you're not getting slimmer.

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