Saturday, December 14, 2013

Trending Thoughts in my Head You Won't Hear Me Talk About

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An idle mind is the Devil's workshop. Too much time in your hands may lead to either productive or sinful acts. From thoughts to words and actions is an easy step especially when tempting resources are lying all around. Thus the mind may initiate a dangerous undertaking that you'll only worry about your safety after you have either accomplished it already with flying colors or messed it up so badly.

Though its been around for ages, the saying still usually pertains to the possibilities of sinning when you have all the time in the world. It has a negative connotation, and is usually a reminder to those who might get tempted to go against what's morally upright.

I was able to come up with twenty five so far. No doubt its a long read but do tell me if any of the thoughts in my list are similar or somewhat near to what you're thinking.

1. Tom Clancy was never my favorite author even though I play video games that carry his name in the title. We also carry the last name of our fathers but we never had time to play with them when they're too busy playing with their mistresses.

2. I love playing with dogs, even the big and ugly bulldogs, but I'm so stubborn in cleaning after their poo. Don't they come in disposable diapers.

3. I loved Miley Cyrus during her earlier days but now I loved her even more with her twerking and wrecking ball ride. I'll make sure to lick that tongue of hers the next time it comes out.

4. I've driven a Ford Mustang before, but that might be the first and last time since I can't afford to buy one. I would just buy a miniature one where I can collect as much as I can afford with my excess in allowance.

5. Glen Bell and Wells Fargo should be my business advisers next time I decide to setup a business again. But they might charge big so I'll go bankrupt even before I got started.

6. I would love to play big league basketball like LeBron James or play with the Miami Heat but since I lack the height to play professionally, I have a better chance shooting hoops at the amusement park.

7. Maybe I will have a better chance in baseball just like the Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz if only I would know the difference between a baseball bat and a bat that flies at night saying "I'm Batman!".

8. The Bible may be the most popular book but I think nobody has even read all of its pages. The scholars always get lost in a debate somewhere between chapters and verses so they would normally skip pages just to reach the end of the book.

9. I might hit gold in New York city or anywhere else in the United States if in case I venture abroad to work or retire. The only thing close I can find here in the Philippines are golden chicken nuggets.

10. I would really love to drink a wine or Martini or even a Jack Daniel's somewhere at a club where Avicii is DJ and mixing the song Blurred Lines.

11. If I would have studied abroad I would have chosen the University of Texas at Austin but I don't really know how to get there except that it will sound good saying I study at Austin Powers.

12. Duke Energy should invest in the Philippines so we don't have to settle for just the three petroleum biggies. If not possible, then maybe the manufacturers of the energy drinks just try boosting their product with alcohol and caffeine contents.

13. If I wanted to look cool I would choose Forever21 shirts or shorts, or maybe just dress up like Jason from Friday the 13th.

14. Pumpkin based pies or soups were never a yummy treat for me because I would rather eat at Pizza Hut if given no other choice than feel like I just rode inside Cindrella's magical ride and ate the insides just to fit in.

15. My favorite movie will now be Gravity since I always feel like I'm floating on air and my feet is constantly off the ground.

16. I better take an antibacterial medicine to get rid of the virus and ease the pain whenever someone curses me as a disease in the online community.

17. I'm like a kid again every Christmas season who loves to play with a Lego set and watch Spongebob Squarepants on TV the whole weekend. You'll never feel alone with these attractions.

18. If Barack Obama would abolish the US Congress then the Philippines may follow his example. Nah! former actor and now Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would have a better chance of leading a movement against corruption. Asta La Vista, Baby!

19. Keeping up with the Kardashians is an excellent TV series. Nah. Sorry. I lied. The Walking Dead kills everything else except the big boobs of Kim and Khloe.

20. is where we can buy anything pre-loved or brand new including the fake and imaginary items from spammers. I imagine seeing a photo of a boxed iPhone only to receive just the box delivered at home.

21. Java is no longer identified as a coffee drink. Everyone is into Espresso Macchiato coffee or worst, the Oolong Milk Tea.

22. The Earth is still round as always but every man sanding on it is still square as ever.

23. Cristiano Ronaldo would be better with the FC Barcelona soccer team. La Liga Real Madrid!

24. Albert Einstein is E=MC squared by the lack of real scientists nowadays. Everyone's doing new models of smartphones and tablets.

25. Who's Adrian Peterson? Just kidding ...He's a football player for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League and nicknamed the "Purple Jesus". Oh, Lord save me for you now wear the color of Barney!"

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  1. It's true that we have some thoughts that we cannot be vocal about because maybe we are afraid that people will criticize us or maybe we are trying so hard to protect our dignity that's why we tend to avoid saying things out of our character.
    Based on the 25 statements given, rather than saying it's a bad thought, it's more of ang opinion or.. realization. I can't find anything wrong nor bad with it except the thoughts of Khloe and Kim's boobs


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