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Braven 440 HD Wireless Speakers : Hardware Review While Watching "The Tomorrow People"

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The Tomorrow People works on the premise that there's a possibility for some humans to evolve into a generation with special powers. Those powers they call the three Ts - teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy. But as the TV series reveals, some may even have the power to do a fourth T - time travel.

With the advancement of technology where we can send voice and data over the Internet, and where social media has kept us connected with our loved ones, and now there's technology where music or sound can be sent via wireless, I guess powers like that can be reproduced using technology.

If ever we get to the point of manifesting superhuman abilities, it will surely be a blast!

Speaking of blasts, what makes it more interesting to watch great sci-fi TV series is the presence of multimedia speakers that allow us to experience realism in our video watching. The sounds coming from blasts like explosions and sudden car stops and crashes are better appreciated if they could be clearly heard and identified.

I got my hands on the Braven 440 HD Wireless speakers to use while watching The Tomorrow People and it was a great experience to be able to hear crisp and clear sounds from the show.

The Braven 440 box contains the speaker itself (I got a blue one) and some cables for the power and usb connection, plus a lanyard. It also contained a small manual. All were neatly placed inside a smaller box. The speaker was wrapped in plastic.

When you take out the speaker, you'll notice four buttons representing power, play, minus and plus buttons for the volume.

What's great about this neat speaker is that it can be used for wireless connection. You can connect your smartphone to the Braven 440 via bluetooth so it can act as your wireless speaker.The speaker has an internal battery that can be recharged so you can use it for a period of time not connected using the USB charging cable.

The rear or side portion has slots for the USB connections for power and ports for the sound input or audio in. It has a RESET button too.

The other parts (bottom and sides) shows very plain and conservative craftsmanship.

There is truth in the saying that some things may look small, but deep inside they are terrible - terribly powerful that is.

Yes! The speaker surpassed my expectations. It was louder and more powerful than my existing branded speaker set that comes in pairs. Would you believe a sound as vivid as these coming from a single satellite source?

With great power comes great movie watching. I was pleased on what I was watching and maybe because the speakers were powerful enough to produce impressive sounds.

With regards to the TV series, the lead casts boasts of powers that have been played on for centuries already, I am not really sure if it will still remain a big hit for the viewers. I am not really so sure if technology would go that far and be able to allow us to reproduce the powers, but with how technology has evolved, it may be able to bring humans a step closer to the possibility.

Well, yeah...maybe the other powers can come from human genes gone berserk, or we may get infected by a radioactive spider, or got an overdose of gamma rays, but the next generation of people would always be wishing for more and more advancement for we are a race where we seldom get satisfaction - which is somewhat of a good thing  since its what drives and inspires us to invent and search for more fascinating scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Tomorrow is so near that I can clearly and loudly hear it coming fast and furious with the help of my Braven 440.

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