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Romualdez Versus Roxas : The Bickering Never Stops

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"Mar (Roxas) never denied saying “You are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino”. In fact here is the transcript of that part of the meeting : “You have to understand, we are talking very straight here. You have to understand, you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. He is being very careful in just taking over because he does not want anything to be misconstrued.”

This is how I understand it : Because of the family histories of the Aquinos and the Romualdezes, the national government must be CAREFUL and SENSITIVE in “taking over” (i.e. sending an overwhelming number of military and PNP personnel etc.). If the national government just did so, the LGU and others can misconstrue what is happening and say Pnoy and his government are power hungry and just want to retaliate and grab power, given what happened in the past. It is in this context that a letter was requested from the City of Tacloban. The NG wanted the LGU to put in writing/ to formalize that they were agreeable to the efforts and entry of the NG in their city. And precisely, it was to avoid this issue happening today. Notwithstanding, this letter or non-letter did not stop the NG from helping/ moving/ acting. Regarding the video – watch it and be discerning. Listen carefully, and check out who originally posted it." - Ana Ojeda
Misconstrued? Even in the most immense disaster, Pnoy was still worried of being misconstrued at the expense of helping the people of Tacloban? Sorry but let me have this opinion as I am entitled to but this just makes me more sick. I hope if another calamity like this happens to us, the president of our people and the national government will not think twice in sending an overwhelming kind of help just because they are afraid of being misconstrued. Sorry, just had to say something here. - Ian Hermosa


Above is the full video..... si Romualdez, maiiyak talaga... ubusin ba naman ni Mar ang oras just to subconsciously say: "you step down, otherwise, we will not move"..

It's a video recording of the meeting between DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez concerning the need for an ordinance stipulating that the local government is no longer functioning in order for the national government to "officially" assist.

Perhaps, it is high time to divert all these bickering to more fruitful endeavors oi. whether the administration have done their job or not, whether the LGU have done their share or not, everything will always go down into political partisanship and rehashing of old wounds. my only hope is for mr. roxas to be more tactful next time around. if not, he can at least shut up and just perform his job. show results na lang woi. kakapoy sige lalis kinsa sala. itlog-manok theory na sad. hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... - Emiatz Teo

There was no legal danger. I think the people of Tacloban would've even welcomed a "forceful entry" to help, with or without documents. Besides, who would complain later? And what case would be filed? - Mark Opada

Vile talaga yung video. No context at all. Halatang gusto manloko. At ang masaklap, maraming naloloko. Here's the context. - Jim Paredes

Mayor asked for help. Mar said give us a letter to legalize natl govt to come in. Mar added that they have to be careful because Pnoy is an Aquino and mayor is a Romualdez. Mayor never gave a letter. Natl govt came in. So was that illegal then given the premise of Mar? When Mar said that they have to be careful because of the Aquino-Romualdez rift, that started off the politicking because inuna ang political implications (Mar imagined that tacloban will get mad if help is overwhelmingly given) before the genuine public service to help the city flattened by the worst calamity ever.- Ian Hermosa

Mar probably imagined that politicos opposed to the President would see an illegality in Nat govt coming, declaring curfew, etc.. without LGU consent. But even without it govt declared the curfew, brought in military, etc.. In the end, issue was bypassed. Given the generational animosity existing, he was prudent to ask for a letter. . Too prudent? History will judge that. Incidentally, letter never came.-Jim Paredes

This just shows how politicos like Mar think... Being a tax paying citizen of this country, I would not have complained if the national govt came in strong and restored order and overwhelmingly deployed all forces to disaster stricken Tacloban. Sickening really. - Ian Hermosa
"Prudence" implies wisdom. I found very little here. Maybe "plausible deniability" is the phrase we're looking for. - Mark Opada

But look how Romualdez has politicized everything to save face now... He was too casual and cavalier about the storm. He was in his beach house pa. If he did not believe in storm strength and warnings, di rin maniniwala ang nga tao niya. That week, he was biking up north of the Philippines with his church friends, He arrived 2 days before yolanda. He was directing everything via phone. Mar's prudence may not have been too misplaced. Siya ang sinisisi ngayon ni Mayor to save his career. - Jim Paredes

Both of them are politicking...that's the sickening part of this sad story. May we be not governed by public servants who choose to save their own asses first rather than providing genuine public service to the people who put them there. - Ian Hermosa

To be fair, I think people get that the Mayor was terribly, terribly, TERRIBLY incompetent both before and (especially) after the storm. To be crying before the senate instead of rebuilding? Nasty. But criticisms don't have to be mutually exclusive. Then again, Mayor's lack of leadership does not neutralize Mar's ham-handedness. - Mark Opada

*credit of content goes to the friends of Leon Flores III (posted on Facebook wall)

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