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Spanking Bad Apples in the Blogging Basket

Wazzup Pilipinas!

'Tis the season for Miley Cyrus to twerk Santa Claus and for everyone else to feel free to change their profile photos with the "unselfie", otherwise a certain Annebisyosa we can hide by the name of Anne Curtis might slap you and buy you, your friends, and Facebook too. 

We normally rave or rant about movies like the Friday the 13th franchise, celebrities like Khloe Kardashian or Evangeline Lilly, politicos like Kim Jong Un or Barack Obama, and even as low as cursing irresponsible concert goers with a resounding "Puñeta!", but this time, as a convenience for Santa (we're applying as his helpful little elves), let's criticize bloggers who have been naughty and definitely not nice.

Their patay-gutom, token-loving, freeloading, sponsorship stealing, low readership, bad photograph, and pathetic grammar "blogs" days are numbered (but I think we are terribly outnumbered). Count on it. We're sick of a few rotten apples spoiling the collective reputation of a community of decent, committed, passionate bloggers whose sole intention is to simply share our honest experience with our readers.

The word's gone out. The evidence, recorded. Good riddance to their online stink bombs~ "Don't let the door hit you on your way out!"

They call every food they see as porn, RAWR at half-naked photos of celebrities, thinks Channing Tatum looks like Die Hard-era Bruce Willis less one or two chromosomes, and consider Justin Bieber as their favorite douche because of the dude's effort at a publicity stunt hanging out at Tacloban playing hoops among the super typhoon Yolanda survivors, and now complains about the "bonding time" ads of Sogo Hotel that they believe will surely not end well.


I was wrong. They became worse. Coming out with blogs that are completely derivative crap. Putrid. Juvenile. Formulaic. Insipid. Unfunny. Amateurish. Stoned. Retarded.

Their kind of writing isn't mindless. It was deliberately insulting. The Trying Hard Nutwork breaks their kind of twisted blogs that are more of the tabloid-like senseless and sensationalized style of writing.

With blogs like these, who needs a college education? We just need to grab a copy of "Bulgar" and learn from its malicious writers.

  WE'LL JUST IGNORE (or more likely, block) ALL THE NEGATRONS.

Here on Facebook; we're so tired of their sanctimonious posts, their whining, their finger pointing, their all-caps blathering.

True, we're all deeply frustrated, pained, and very angry with all kinds of depressing issues. But that doesn't excuse any of us from forgetting our core Filipino values: Dignity, Respectfulness, Decency.

Their Facebook shout outs
is an example of inflammatory, albeit and very well written diatribe that serves no useful purpose.

Sorry bloggers~ if indeed, you really wrote these pieces of self-contradicting shout-outs, full of unverified rumors and slanted half-truths, we have to say we loved Oro, Plata, Mata and Scorpio nights, but their rants create even more division during a time when we need unity as a community.

Perhaps they should revisit and revise your Facebook statuses; they're now a contributor to polarization.


Before anyone post/share absurd and unvalidated rumors about blogge's rumored shameless acts like

sponsorships not surrendered and restaurants bashings, please verify first. 

Google is our friend (We really don't need me anybody to teach us how to research on ways on how to communicate and get personal insights of the story from the concerned people involved). Facebook is a utility for news, and clogging it up with inflammatory tabloid nonsense leads to panic, specially for those who have yet to reach celebrity blogger status.


Don't condemn the so called loot bag lovers in blogging too quickly or harshly.

Unless we've been in their own shoes or personal situation, do not presume to predict how we'll behave. What galls more is the comparison between "top" and "decent" bloggers that are said to be "authorities" that are affected by the acts of some & the newbie bloggers who are merely emerging their influence. Such elitist mindsets you possess, from the comfort and safety of your living rooms, typing on your tablets... "Stop posting your brain farts. They stink, bozos!"

"Tang ina. Imbes na maawa kayo sa kapwa, dami niyong satstat.


They're confirming our suspicions that they're incompetent sad and lonely whiners who's been treating the online community like a feudal fiefdom for years now. Writing, even before blogging ever existed, was meant to be independently unique in style, having its own personal taste, treatment, and other sensible justifications we can think of but you refuse to accept.There is really no one rule in blogging. We don't really need to be a grammar major to blog. It's up to our followers if they will read our crap or consider our work as a comic relief.
Blogging aside, as individuals who calls themselves dignified, respectful and decent, they failed bigtime.

"These effin' stinkers are the Worst. Bloggers. of all Time."

 ""When you hear the words "con man," "American Hustle" filmmaker David O. Russell says, you need to know that "con" comes from "confidence," and that rather than having its roots solely in swindling, a "con artist" is somebody who really believes in what he's doing."

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  1. Haha, so true! kc mararamdaman din ng mga readers yan, if you r writing fm d core, regardless of ur grammar. Kudos n hats off!
    It's up to our followers if they will read our crap or consider our work as a comic relief.Blogging aside, as individuals who calls themselves dignified, respectful and decent, they failed bigtime.

    "These effin' stinkers are the Worst. Bloggers. of all Time."


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