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100 Life Lessons for Success: Book Review While on Staycation

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Michael "Myke" Celis is an advertising executive cum blogger turned book author with the release of his book entitled 100 Life Lessons for Success. The content of the book were from his regular Facebook shout-outs and apparently some people found it amusing and worthy enough to be reproduced in book format.

My first impression is that it will be just another thought of the day or a shorter version of "Soup for the Soul" as the contents may just be some rewording of ordinary and common thoughts rephrased and restructured to look spanking brand new.

But who gives a damn about original or copy-pasted thoughts as long as it helps inspire people and we get to share our thoughts regardless if its dirty or wholesome.

It is an extreme honor to be able to publish a book, and quite a tedious task to get others to buy and read it especially if you are no famous celebrity who has an already established name (or a ghost writer that's really good).

So what would move you to grab a copy of his book?

"The book, published by Lifebooks, is a compilation of he author's favorite personal shout outs on his Facebook page, which aims to give anyone a daily dose of good vibes through positive and amusing (and sometimes controversial) quotes.

The book is perfect for those who want to start their day right, those who want a change in their perspective, or simply for those who need a breather from their daily routine. A must-have for people always on the go to serve as a gentle reminder that with positive thinking, life gets better."

Positive thinking. We definitely need that every now and then....No! We need that everyday!

It's what keeps us bright and cheerful every morning with a promise of a great day ahead - now that's thinking positive.

It's what keep us going in times of trouble because we believe there would always be warm sunshine after the terrible storm.

"What used to be personal shout outs to help him and friends start their day, has now become an inspiring read through a new book"

The author has generously shared his personal inspirations that were previously meant for his friends and himself to the rest of the world who may badly need something to cheer them up. Who knows, may be one of his shout-outs may inspire a sad soul out there to keep strong and motivated.

I read a portion of the book while we were on staycation at One Pacific Place Serviced Residences in Makati. The book complemented our stay because we got something nice and pleasant to read while hanging out besides the pool, or while we waited until we fell asleep. I got so inspired from reading the book that I swear that my own Facebok shout-outs the next day were called nose-bleeds by one of my friends. "Konti na lang, nose-bleed na ako."

Just like a staycation, we all need time to grab something to read and reflect on our personal issues and triumphs. We might be able to identify what we are lacking and appreciate what we got if we take a short pause from our busy lives.

Everyone of us needs a good book to remind us that there are a lot of things that can be learned from others. We are not a one man island so we need the help of our fellow men to keep us grounded and back to being modest, or to lift our wings so we could fly and soar higher than an eagle.

The book "100 Life Lessons for Success" may not be able to touch your life completely, but it is a good attempt to make our lives better.

Isn't it but wonderful if we could all wake up and shout "Wazzup Pilipinas!" and follow it up with "I am ready for you!"

100 Life Lessons for Success: Shout Outs for One’s  Sensibilities is exclusively available in all National Bookstores and Powerbooks branches nationwide

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