Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Simpsons : One Major Character Will Be Sent to the Grave!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

OMG! Their killing off one of the major Simpsons characters!!! Who do you think it will be?

I've been a fan of the series even though there are new similarly-themed cartoons where the primary star is a family. We are all familiar with the likes of Family Guy, and American Dad, and even the Cleveland Show.

But none of this new ones beat the original yellow-skinned family - The Simpsons.

Family guy, and the rest of them, stopped being funny pretty fast in my eyes, whilst the Simpsons still makes me chuckle.

If they are sending one of the "major" characters to the grave, I just hope its not one of the Simpsons family members. That will be too devastating.

I know The Simpsons is not of Filipino make, but I believe all of us grew up with them as one of our favorite cartoon characters with really "intense" and graphical representations of a not-so-typical family living in a crazy neighborhood called Springfield.

"The Simpsons will bid farewell to a ‘major character’ in their latest series – with the show’s executive producer revealing the unlucky person will be killed off.

Speaking to the Canada Sun Times as the 25th series of the show kicked off in the US, Al Jean confirmed plans for the character’s demise – but stopped short of saying who the victim would be.

‘I’ll give you a clue that the actor playing the character won an Emmy for playing that character,’ Jean said, ‘but I won’t say who it is.’

His hints do little to narrow down the potential candidates, given that the show has won 25 Emmys for voiceover performances since 1992.

Characters who have steered their voice counterparts to a win include Sideshow Bob, Krusty The Clown, Comic Book Guy, Chief Wiggum,  Bart’s long-suffering teacher Edna Krabappel and Homer’s elderly father Abe Simpson." -


They say the hint to the identity of the character they will be killing off is that its voice actor has already won an Emmy.  Above is a list of the voice actors opposite the characters that they voice over.

First Family Guy is killing off a major character, now The Simpsons! Coincidence? What's going on?! Nice ploy to inject some interest back into the show? It is so sad that this is what they have to do to get ratings. Just end the show and stop shitting on its legacy.

Could that be a clue 'Major' character could it be the mayor Quimby?
Its got to be Grandpa! He's old enough to die already!

I hope its the comic book guy. Surely he'd have died from obesity-related illness by now?....Unfortunately he resembles and sounds like too many nerds I know in real life!!

Chief Wiggam and then Ralph moves into the Simpsons household!!! Epic!

Maybe Krusty the Klown will finally have liver failure.

I think it will be Moe as he is really unlucky.

It's Smithers! The shows new producer is homophobic.

Barney? Maybe the booze finally takes its toll?

Its most probably Mr. Burns! He's ancient and a major character.

Sideshow Bob, he's well and truly ran his course. Plus Chelsea need him focused on football.

Skinner! He was in the army and the hint is "major". Except Skinner was only a Sergeant in the Army. The hint is that the actor playing the character has won an Emmy for the role. Harry Shearer who voices Skinner hasn't won any.

Santa's little helper, duh. Longest lived dog in the whole world by this point, very nearly. That or they nuke the entire town, *outside* of a Treehouse Of Horror. Maybe Burns' nuke plant finally goes full Fukushima or Chernobyl. Take your pick.

Matt Groening hopefully. Let Simpsons die already. Lol!

It's not a character that needs killing off but the show itself?
 Kill off the show? It's well outlived its time? Kill off the series? Has it been going downhill since the turn of the century? It's ran too long and is as yellow as 25 year old walls that we're originally painted white!!
The format of the show can't compete with Family Guy these days. Family Guy can keep itself going as it's constantly up to date with what's going on in its slander of public figures and companies. Simpsons?.... well what else can they really do? Should we
admit that the writers are just not funny anymore?
The Simpsons show is not the same anymore and I say that as a massive fan! Series 1-7 were the "golden years" Series 7 - 13 were alright and series 13 onwards has had the occasional ok episode but seems like you are floggin' a dead horse now!
Realistically, maybe we should just ask which The Simpsons voice over actor is asking for too much money? That's what happened with Maud.
Emmy award winner = Hank Azaria
Unlucky character voiced by Hank Azaria = Moe!

These are just guesses so just stay tune for updates.

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