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Sinead O' Connor Writes Miley Cyrus an Open Letter

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Irish singer Sinead O' Connor, the singer who infamously ripped a photo of Pope John Paul II on National television (Saturday Night Live) calling the Church as the "real enemy", has an open letter for Miley Cyrus.

You really gotta love or hate her insanity, but there is no doubt that her songs are great and this one act of reaching out to the 20-year old singer Miley Cyrus deserves a praise.

Wrecking Ball's controversial video was inspired by Sinead O' Connor's song Nothing Compares 2 U. She said she was compelled to warn Cyrus that she is being "pimped" by the pop industry.

Now who among our Filipino singers would do the same act of goodness for the new young singers out there that already have the tendency to get lost in the wild side?..and further inspired to follow the crazy path of the former Disney teen star. Think skimpy outfits, too much revealing cleavage, skin-tight body hugging outfits, etc.

Below is the full text of O'Connor's blogpost:

Dear Miley,

... I am extremely concerned for you that those around you have led you to believe, or encouraged you in your own belief, that it is in any way 'cool' to be naked and licking sledgehammers in your videos...

... You are worth more than your body or your sexual appeal. The world of showbiz doesn't see things that way, they like things to be seen the other way, whether they are magazines who want you on their cover, or whatever … Don't be under any illusions … ALL of them want you because they're making money off your youth and your beauty … which they could not do except for the fact your youth makes you blind to the evils of show business. If you have an innocent heart you can't recognise those who do not.

I repeat, you have enough talent that you don't need to let the music business make a prostitute of you. You shouldn't let them make a fool of you either. Don't think for a moment that any of them give a flying fuck about you. They're there for the money… we're there for the music. It has always been that way and it will always be that way. The sooner a young lady gets to know that, the sooner she can be REALLY in control.

.... As for the shedding of the Hannah Montana image … whoever is telling you getting naked is the way to do that does absolutely NOT respect your talent, or you as a young lady. Your records are good enough for you not to need any shedding of Hannah Montana. She's waaaaaaay gone by now … Not because you got naked but because you make great records.

Whether we like it or not, us females in the industry are role models and as such we have to be extremely careful what messages we send to other women. The message you keep sending is that its somehow cool to be prostituted … its so not cool Miley … its dangerous. Women are to be valued for so much more than their sexuality. We aren't merely objects of desire. I would be encouraging you to send healthier messages to your peers … that they and you are worth more than what is currently going on in your career. Kindly fire any motherfucker who hasn't expressed alarm, because they don't care about you.

UPDATE: (As of October 4, 2013)

"Miley Cyrus obviously couldn't let it go when Sinead O'Connor called her out in an open letter, so everyone's favorite twerker responded on Twitter yesterday, AFP reports. She started by comparing O'Connor to famously troubled Amanda Bynes, tweeting, "Before Amanda Bynes.... There was...." along with a screenshot of this series of disturbing tweets O'Connor posted last year. She followed that up with a picture of O'Connor famously tearing up a picture of the pope. Apparently that was not enough to scare O'Connor off; she responded yesterday with, yes, another open letter posted on Facebook, in which she warned Miley, "Taking me on is even more f-----' stupid than behaving like a prostitute and calling it feminism." O'Connor took issue with Cyrus mocking people who've suffered mental health issues, then predicted Cyrus herself will "one day suffer such an illness, that is without doubt." In a second post, she said her lawyers would be contacting Miley's lawyers. Miley, not dissuaded in the least, responded by tweeting, "Sinead. I don't have time to write you an open letter cause Im hosting & performing on SNL this week." And that led, of course, to a third letter from Sinead, posted today: "You can take five minutes today between g- string f-----' changes to publicly apologise and remove your abusive tweets." We're guessing you'll be out of luck there, Sinead." -

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