Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chito Miranda and Neri Naig : Not Another Video Gone Viral!

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Another video of Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda and Neri Naig has gone viral once again and is being labeled as part 2 of the private moments between the two lovers.

The second video, which was said to have been uploaded on a Monday afternoon, September 30, on a Facebook page, was more graphic than the first video clip that went viral a few weeks ago.

Chito Miranda has already filed a formal complaint at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to track down the person behind the viral spread of the first sex video.

What is also appalling for many netizens was the delivery of news by  the online version of a leading TV station. At first they released a video screen captured photo of Chito Miranda and Neri naig as grabbed from the video but with their faces clearly distinguishable and with Neri Naig's private parts clearly visible, now they've edited or release the same news with the photo now censored.

Alam ninyo ba iyong "sensationalism" sa journalism? Ito iyong perfect example nun.


"These are not news. Corrupt din ang nag spread nito at nagbalita nito ( TV Station, Radio and media and all social media). Shame on you. Para rin kayong kasangkot sa Pork Barrel crimes in a different way. Basta lang maka-attract ng viewers. TV stations also has a responsibility to its viewers. ( Those who will like it and those who will l not like it. That is their responsibility. ) They are the Corruptors of Minors.

Give more news that are timely, relevant and news that will educate and empower the people. More news on Pork Barrel crimes. where is the 1 trillion Pesos of Noynoy's Pork Barrel? Is there truth on what Senator Jinggoy exposed on his speech? and is there truth that Senator Franklin Drilon admitted that he received the incentives (bribe) of Php 50 Million to his non-existing projects? Who received the Php 50 million and who gave the P 50 millions to those who voted to impeach former Chief Justice Renato Corona? Iyan ang ilan sa mga news na dapat ibinabilita nila. Parang may pinagtatakpan sila. May pinapaboran at may tinatago." - Ref Ger

"Mahal na mahal namin ang isa't-isa. The more na subukan nilang guluhin ang buhay namin, mas lalo lang tumitibay ang pagmamahalan at samahan namin," from Instagram of Chito Miranda

My challenge to Chito Miranda :
It's not enough to tell Neri Naig that you love her, and to tell the whole world as well. Prove the truthfulness of this love by marrying Neri Naig. Itayo mo ang dangal ng pagkababae ni Neri Naig.

People should also leave them alone like every time may lalabas na ganito over and over mag so-sorry sila. I think they have proven enough how much they love each other. Marami lang sa atin ang mahilig manghusga! Pare pareho lang tayong mga tao. We all make mistakes at nagkataon lang na public figure sila. Hay naku talaga!

It's good to hear updates on what's going on in our community but, not all things must be dispersed freely. Like the bombing at the Boston Marathon, OK na ang ibalita kung ano ang nangyari sa lugar na iyon pero hindi ninyo dapat sabihin kung paano ginawa ang nasabing improvised bomb dahil hindi malayo na mangyari iyon sa bansa natin (huwag naman sana).

"You don't dare take a video footage while cavorting, since love deserves that ultimate protection and care. The film clip has already removed the privacy and intimacy that you alone must share with your loved one." - Florendo Umali
Many has been said about the immorality pertaining to video recording your sexual acts. The moral issues  divides the people in accepting if it is just and appropriate for a couple to do such. Though having intercourse with the one you love is normal for all of us, the act of video-making seems to be a little more naughty, adventurous, and of the wild side. It is very unfortunate that there is someone out there, who's motive is still to be determined, that has been uploading this in the social media networks, but many have been saying that none of these malicious acts would have happened if there was no video in the first place.

To the news outfits that are reporting the news, I know it's your job to keep us informed and updated, but many children have access to the Internet. It is very irresponsible to spread photos (or videos) that indecently reveal the identity of individuals doing an intimate private moment, and worst is to allow others, especially the youth, to see their private parts.

Sensationalism is vital for many news agencies out there to get and keep the interest of the people. But we also need to consider the moral aspects of every news reporting. Going beyond the boundaries of professionalism and morality just to make a blockbuster headline is not an admirable act.

I can't wait for part three! Lol!

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  1. This is DISGUSTING ! This article is not that informative. Maybe the author is within the story of the "part two" thingy. I think this should be removed instead being displayed and seen by different readers.

  2. Why bother to upload such unimportant video and wasting your time in worrying about it? There's a lot of problems that we have right now includes personal problems so don't waste time giving problems to others. To chito: Just marry Neri, so other people won't have to judge you and your videos, who knows how many. And to the one who upload: Just mind your own business, you won't get nothing in trashing and bashing other people. It won't make you famous anyway.
    And to the people: Stop judging Chito and Neri, you don't know them well enough to make harsh comments regarding their relationship.

    - Sherilyn P. PiƱon

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