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Million People March @ Ayala to Highlight Unity Against Pork Barrel Among Diverse Groups

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Unaffiliated activists, economists, faith-based leaders, young workers, students, and artists unite with groups of diverse political persuasions tomorrow, October 4 at the Million People March @ Ayala. The highlight of the program, which will be from 3 to 8 pm, is a ceremony dubbed as Ingay Sa Liwanag, which will be accompanied by a noise barrage.

The rally grounds are here :

The Philippine National Police will start re-routing from 10 am, when organizers start installing their stage and other logistics.

The program, which will be from 3 pm to 8 pm will feature former national treasurer and professor Leonor Briones, Dr. Giovanni Tapang and Lidy Nakpil of the Freedom from Debt Coalition, in brief discussions of pork from past budgets to the current so-called "porkless" legislation that was approved on second reading by the House of Representatives.

The choir from the embattled Philippine Children's Medical Center will perform the doxology.

Coordinators of the #ScrapPork network, which will be launched during the event, said Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle is sending a representative to read his message. National artists, representatives from the Philippine Jesus Movement and Catholic bishops will also speak.

Aside from #ScrapPork Network and August 26 Million People March initiators and coordinators, the rally will also have representatives of other anti-pork groups like #Abolish Pork, Kilusang KontaPork, Citizens Congress for Good Governance and Concerned Citizens Movement, as well as a broad-cross section of labor groups and student, farmers and urban poor speakers will also be attending the protest action. Jun Lozada will represent whistleblowers.

Artist groups performing include: The Jerks, Jeff James, Tabak All Star, JR and Capone, Babala, Darryl Shy, Cookie Chua, Bayang Barrios and Lolita Carbon (separately and as Tres Marias), Juana Change and Monique Wilson.

There will be an on-ground, online Million People March petition signing at the Philippines tent. The petition, started by August 26 MPM initiator Peachy Rallonza-Bretana was adopted as the #ScrapPork Network unity statement.

Rallonza-Bretana has a followup-petition, "100 days" that focuses on the conduct of prosecution of all abusers of pork, including those named in connection with the Napoles scandal.

MPM@Ayala coordinators are asking participants to bring their own garbage bags and pick up their trash before leaving the protest grounds. Participants should also bring candles for the lighting rites.

While organized groups are allowed banners, they have volunteered to array these on one side of the rally site to allow participants and the media free sight of program proceedings.


Room for debate, says #ScrapPork

Network says on various calls

In response to queries stemming from social media "resign" and "impeachment" calls, the #ScrapPork Network, which is coordinating the Million People March @Ayala issued the following statement :

On issues of other #millionpeoplemarch messaging, the #scrapPork network is firm on our 3 calls main calls without being divisive

While we respect the opinion of others being in a democracy, the official stand of the Million People March @ Ayala and the Scrap Pork Network was presented during the press conference early this week in Makati City. (See below)

Our demands are focused on the impartial investigation and prosecution of, and exacting of penalties on ALL PARTIES REGARDLESS OF AFFILIATION, who misused and abused their pork barrel funds.

We have not issued calls for resignation or impeachment. We believe the Filipino people will be the decisive factor in any social movement. There is space for civilized debate.

We believe citizens have a common stake with the executive and the legislative in effecting real change and reforms. However, let it be known that we are equally committed to compelling the leadership of the nation's democratic and legal institutions, to scrap the pork barrel system in all forms, all branches and levels of government, and ensure transparency and accountability for spent pork.

Here are the three main calls of the MPM@Ayala and the ScrapPork network:


We define pork barrel as all state funds subject to discretionary use and/or allocation by officials in all branches and in all levels of the government. We urge all Filipinos to push hard for the scrapping of the pork barrel system, and at the same time, to continue the discourse on the best alternative to take its place — an alternative that will fully serve the interests of our people as a whole, and will ensure that public money is strictly and absolutely for the use and benefit of all Filipinos, and not just the greedy few.


We challenge all government officials, officers and employees who received, allocated, or otherwise made use of these discretionary funds to publicly make an accounting of the same. We call on all Filipinos to demand such action from all levels of government and to maintain utmost vigilance until these public servants have accounted for all of the pork, down to the last centavo. We encourage fellow Filipinos to launch and share their initiatives to press for transparency in all levels of government and in all kinds of government transactions.


The pork barrel scandal goes beyond the Napoles scam. We Filipinos must sustain our demand on the government to show its determination to prosecute and punish not only its political enemies but also its own allies and appointees involved in the misuse of discretionary funds. We must continue letting our voices be heard until the guilty are convicted with finality and jailed, to serve as examples to those who may want to follow in their footsteps, that public money must be used solely and exclusively for the benefit and in the best interests of the Filipino people.

#ScrapPork Network

For more information contact:

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  1. I'm truly amazed with these group of people that marched for a protest in Abolishing Pork Barrel, although they have a point. They've just wanted to remove the pork barrel fund of every government official indeed these funds are not properly distributed to different platforms hence a scam of giving funds to a person arose.


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