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TriboCo. Kultura Kamp's Stories : Hear. Listen. Understand. Share.

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Here is the winning comment as voted by the majority of Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Triboco.Kultura Camp aims to fight the idea of ethnocentrism which are truly visible in our present society. We tend to disfavor and treat the indigenous people as inferior without taking a closer look on their importance and bearing in the country's present state.
We should not set them aside and help them to adapt to the dynamic advancement. Triboco.Kultura Camp made it's way to express their gratitude towards the indigenous people in a positive approach.
Moreover, I do believe that indigenous groups are important. Let us hear the 3 E's: embrace, embark and empower ourselves together with the indigenous groups all throughout."

I had to delay this article so as to give way to the sharing of comments from the attendees. But it seems only a few were that keen to expressing themselves online via the comment section of a blog, or are they just too shy to let everyone know what they feel about the event.

I was actually surprised because I thought there will be swamps of messages coming in from the attendees all eager to contribute a piece of their mind - or were they just waiting for the last minutes of the deadline so they'll be sure to send in the winning comment. But I couldn't wait too long so I opened the contest to everyone instead including to students from a nearby school where I live.

True enough, the winning comment came from an outsider who admires the social responsiveness of TriboCo. Kultura Kamp as seen from her message. I guess the appreciation would mostly come from outside because it isn't that common where you see a group of young individuals all geared up to help a community less favored.

Congratulations to the winner, Shilla May Lumbo! Enjoy your all-expense paid trip to Zoocobia and Zoobic Safari in Clark, Pampanga!

Here's a brief rundown of what happened that night were stories were shared using different mediums.

I just came from four other events that day so I was a little bit late (Nah! about an hour and a half). It was a great thing my fellow media partner brought his trusted ride and so we got to the venue quite fast and easy inspite of the fact that we still had to look for it. It was our first time to be there so were were both looking left and right along Maginhawa street trying to look for the Sweet Spot Bakery and Cafe.

But soon enough... we got there and came in in the middle of a talk by the two hosts, namely Forest Candelaria and Mare Collantes. (Holding hands? sweet!)

I am also not sure if we got to see the first performer but the lovely Erika Cruz from the Ateneo Musicians Pool was the first one who impressed us with her songs. No doubt she will go places with her talent. (Wow! Who wouldn't love that sweet adorable smile! I'm in love!)

My friend from "Aldous ate the World" and "", represented by me,  were among the proud media partners of the event. We were actually honored to be pat of this because it brought back images form our college days when all we could mostly think about was how to successfully pass from our school projects and exams. We were not required or thought about doing some advocacy work. Everything we did back at school was more on the academics and flirting with girls. These teens decided to continue an advocacy even after graduating from college. As what one of the attendees, Francis Pinon, shared:

"The most powerful medium an advocacy can use is to unite a group of people who wholeheartedly believe that there is good in what they do, that somehow, change can and will happen.

That night, I saw a group of people just like that. Through their songs, their stories and their presence, I knew that they believed they could make it happen.

I knew that soon, this advocacy will matter, that TriboCo will matter."

There was also Reese who read a story. The audience were very attentive in listening and Reese caught the interests of the crowd not just because of her striking hair style and color (Cool! She had me at first glimpse!) but also because she told the story with real emotional attachment. You can sense that it comes straight form her heart and she was proud to share it to us - and maybe even to the world.

Serge Gabriel was extreme in his performance! Though I couldn't really tell if he was serious or just having fun (always smiling all throughout his performance) doing sort of a declamation infront us. His story had a mention to the 300 story from the Hollywood movie? but with incorporation to his feelings and passion. He also had that moment like he was about to burst in emotional angst but he ended comically which got me torn between laughing out loud or the reverse...hehehe (Lol!)

People then sang along with Andreia who followed the night with a serenade-like performance. I witnessed how mostly everyone in the restaurant wanted to blend in with their music. A merging of voices all harmoniously singing one song. How I wish our lives were like that were everyone in the world will submit themselves to one harmonious goal regardless of how diverse our communities are. Such as in the case of our local I long for a nation that knows no walls but only bridges were all were allowed to reach out to each other. No border pass, no passports, no Visas, no discrimination. Everyone with the freedom to work and play with people from different races and religion.

When I was taking pictures of the Swet Spot Bakery and Cafe, the chef and owner took time to inquire on where I plan to use the photos. I told her that so I could include Sweet Spot, the venue of the Kultura Kamp event as part of my story in my blog. I told her that I was a blogger and that it was already a nationwide phenomenon that blogs have become so influential that many establishments are taping bloggers to give them some social media presence. We now lived in a world where most information can be quickly gathered online via portable mobile phones with Internet access.

There are so many establishments out there that are already offering wi-fi access . In fact, it's becoming the number one thing people are looking for the moment they enter a restaurant or any other establishment. I may have invited her to try our services so they could also have online presence. A bloggers event maybe? I hope Sweet Spot will invite us again to try out their other sweets that would surely hit the "spot".

I was then surprised that after a while she served a Dulce de Leche cake to me. I shared it with my friends and they all enjoyed it. Honestly, the sweet treat had just the right amount of sweetness that you'll crave more of it. Kudos to the chef! I appreciate the surprise treat!  



Sweet Spot Bakery and Cafe is a very cozy place to enjoy dining with your favorite ice blended coffee matched with their delectable sweets that will surely bring a smile out a of you. You just have to come and try out their food!

There were also Andrew De Pano and Joy Pasco who also gave us a few song numbers.It was already late but most of the crowd from the beginning of the event were still there - alive and kicking. It seems they're not getting tired at all.

The show coould have ended already but the crowd still cheered for more from the performers. Mare was persuaded to give us a song a number.No wonder there was a demand for her to sing for us. She had a voice worth the extension of the event. I swear I could still hear her song in my ear even after that night.

"Triboco.Kultura Camp creates a way to know our "old" culture better. They followed Rizal's thinking that "A good day can be foretold by the morning" which means that the youth is the hope of the nation. These youth who created the organization helps the nation preserve it's culture which is now dying. They also help empower our indigenous people." - Matthew Liwag


I've actually taken shots of all the photos displayed upstairs so you will see more of them at the Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook Fan Page

The organizers said that our blog followers could be given special discounts to their Kultura Kamps so check back on Wazzup Pilipinas for that announcement. Soon!

Let me leave you with one of the comments:

"The advocacy of TriboCo. Kultura Kamp is unique in a way that it fights racial discrimination with a different attack or strategy. Making people share their stories of in different way, for me, an effective way. Though it's indirect, but it will surely make people realize things and make them way more open to things that aren't traditional and be curious enough to make them explore and enjoy stuff outside the box.." - Lois Nicole

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