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Welcome to the World of Anime

(c) Hiro Mashima
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Many people, mostly teenagers, are now into watching anime. I've watched a few anime series before and I keep on watching more. And after watching them, I realized that they are not so bad after all, and they were actually interesting and fun to watch.

As of now, I can claim that I am now under the spell of anime. And often times I wish that I could be on the same world with them. How I wish I could also live with them and do what they do in anime. If I would ever be given the opportunity to live in the world of anime, I would choose to be either Fairy Tail or Pokemon.

Every time I watch Fairy Tail, I became more and more interested in it. Hiro Mashima did a great job thinking of the plot and the characters. If we had a world similar to them, in which people make money by selling magical weapons and equipment, life could have been more easier. We would have spend our time learning different magic skills and join a guild whenever we want. Personally, I would join Fairy Tail guild because they are working together not as individuals, but as a group. And they are one festive guild, as described by one of the anime characters of Fairy Tail. It sure will be so much fun to join them.

Fairy Tail Guild (c) Hiro Mashima
My favorite Fairy Tail character, Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail who is famous for her usage of Requip Magic. She is also a member of Team Natsu, as well as one of the main female protagonists of the series. Like her, I would also want to have Requip Magic and change into different cool armors.

Erza Scarlet in Nakagami Armor (c) Hiro Mashima

I've been watching Pokemon ever since I was a child and until now, I still watch it. Somehow, I envy the people in this anime because at the age of 10, they are already given the independence to travel alone on a journey to catch other pokemons. At first, they are only given one pokemon in which they will choose who they will pick. The most basic abilities: fire, water and grass type. For me, I prefer the grass type because they are usually the most friendly pokemons, and the peaceful ones, too.

Legendary Pokemon: Celebi

(c) pokemon games

In the end, anime series are nothing like the real world. They are still stories made up to entertain others or in short, they are fictional. They do not happen in real life and they are definitely not real. But I still hope that one day when I wake up, I have a sleeping pokemon beside me or maybe I have the symbol of Fairy Tail tattooed on my arm.

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  1. AS a self proclaimed anime addict and self proclaimed FT geek and pokemon researcher (oh lol), I've always loved things like anime and wishing to be with them is pretty normal.

    Like what they say, the last anime you watched is your world, but all the anime you've watched is your Life.

    Jeanine Tamayo
    IV - Boyle

  2. I'm an otakuuu!!! And my fandom now are Kuroko no basuke and Shingeki no Kyojin.. I used to watch shounen anime instead of shoujou because i like action and not some lovey dovey thing. And also! I watched fairytail but failed to finish it.. ahahahahha..

  3. Omg!!! Pokemon games!! I always play pokemon games when I was still a kid. I'm addicted to pokemon because they are so cute.

  4. Really cool!!! Just reading your articles gives chill to my spine!! I really like animes that is why anthing that has a word anime embarked on it...I will spare my time on it!

  5. Yes Rizelle, welcome to our world. You are finally a member of the anime addicts. HAHAHA! Seriously, Fairy Tail? you have a very great taste of genre. I also love fairy tail so much! Good anime for a starter like you :) And also, Pokemon reminds me a lot of my childhood days. I also loved that when i was a kid and still loving it! Good Article! Really caught my attention :D

  6. Sheez, I'm also addicted to anime (though not like the old times), and I can say that Fairy Tail is at least one of my favorite anime. It was nice to know that many people shares the same reactions as I do. Thumbs up :)


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