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Hooray for Anime!


Wazzup Pilipinas! 

Anime! Anime! Anime! What is the origin of the anime? Many teenagers are addicted to it, but why? Let us all know the origin of the anime and what is it all about. 

Anime is basically Japanese animation. It is largely based on manga, or Japanese comics. Anime is very popular in Japan, and in countries all over the place. It is well known throughout the world. 

There are many ways anime is broadcasted. Majority of the times, viewers watch their favorite anime videos through the internet. Internet is the main way viewers from all over the world are able to watch these. It is mainly watched on television in Japan. 

For new anime, one new episode is released on a weekly basis. Viewers from all over the world anxiously wait for the release of new episodes. For anime, one season usually comprise of around 24 episodes. Each episode is around 24 minutes long, including the opening and ending song. But Where did it come from?

At the start of the 20th century, Japanese filmmakers started to explore the techniques of animation from different parts of the country. At this time, animation became a way of storytelling. Because Japanese actors were not really famous in western countries, the idea of creating their own characters came to mind, and thus anime was born.

Anime allowed any type of character to be at any type of place. It is a fantasy world where anything is possible. The Japanese artists were able to create anything they wish and use their imagination to guide their story. 

One main film that influenced Japanese animators was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. One Japanese artist, Osamu Tezuka, learned techniques used in the American film and then simplified them to make them cost effective. This allowed him to create animations on a tight budget. And this became the start of anime as more and more Japanese animators adapted and revised different techniques of animation. The creation of anime has a lot to do with manga, or Japanese comics.


I am not addicted to anime, but I watch some of the anime shows. Like the pokemon, it was my favorite show when I was still a kid. The pokemons are really cute. How I wish they could be all real. My favorite pokemon is pikachu because he is so cute and charming. 


Aside from pokemon, I also watch Detective Conan because the story or each episode of it is very cool. I also admire Conan because he is so cute and very smart. 


Lastly, I also watch Inuyasha because I really like the story and it's like a comedy anime show. I also like the love story of Inuyasha and Kagome. 

Those are only anime shows that I really watch. I am not addicted to it because I don't know why. I can really say that being into anime will spice up your life because they are so cool and very good. :) It entertains people, mostly the children or teenagers.

Contributed by: Kim Jaziel J. Manuel 

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  1. I love anime! (well.. that's an understatement) I'm an otaku and Inuyasha was one of my favorite anime when I was in grade 5? or grade 6. But I like the shounen genre or action genre.

  2. Waaaaaaaaa! I love Anime! Detective Conan is one of my favorite anime when I was in Grade 6 until now! :'> Nice article! :)

  3. I LOVE anime! And this article is correct since Anime is so interesting and the story are so great and- okay I'm rambling. I'm addicted to anime since I watched Bleach and the story of my anime life continues until now. Great article!

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  5. Anime is so awesome and very entertaining! I like anime, but I like reading manga more. Nice article, good job :)

  6. I can absolutely relate to this article. I've been waiting for the release the next episode of my favorite anime. I also love watching pokemon and detective conan.

  7. Sugoi! your article is well written and unique, you did not just describe anime but you also wrote it's origin.

  8. Pokemon is the best. Nice article. You made a proper sequence of your article

  9. Hooray fo Anime!! Great work dude.

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