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Japanese Food -: Love it or Hate it?

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Hi everyone! My name is Mary Rose, a third year student of Pasig City Science High school. By the way I wrote this article to tell you about my first experience in eating Japanese food? How about you, what do you know about Japanese food? Have you ever tried eating it?  If you want to know about my first experience in eating Japanese food, then just scroll down and read, I hope it can give you an insight what Japanese food tastes. By the way you can give your comments, negative comments are accepted.

When I learned that the assigned topic for me this quarter is Japanese food, I felt excited and nervous at the same time; excited because this is my first time I will taste Japanese food and nervous because the food I will eat is raw. The next day, I went to Sta. Lucia Mall to buy Japanese food. I bought Japanese food to a sushi bar named "Batosai".
When I saw the Japanese food displayed I looked at them with awe, because they look very delicious and the way the food was presented was very beautiful. While looking at the Japanese food, I had a little problem because it is very hard to choose among the choices displayed. In the end I bought a complete set of Japanese food. The set I bought has California maki, sushi and sashimi. By the way if you're curious how much is a complete set of Japanese food, it costs 185 pesos.



When I returned home, I immediately unwrap the plastic, and then suddenly a fishy smell entered my nose, it was really disgusting. I chose to eat first the California maki, I took a small bite and then I spit it out, I never tasted something so horrible in my life! The California maki tastes sour, I thought it was expired but my sister said the it really tastes sour. I was really disappointed I thought it taste good because it looked like siomai and siomai is my favorite food. I tried sushi, hoping it won't taste bad, but to my disappointment the taste is the same. No offense to Japanese food lovers but I really can't stand eating sushi and California maki. I tried sashimi the last because it's the raw one, and to my surprise sashimi  doesn't taste so bad as the previous two.  

And because I did not enjoy eating Japanese food, I thought it would be best if I ask for others'
opinion about Japanese food. So the next day, I brought Japanese food to school, I let them eat it and ask their opinions after they ate. Vangelyn-san ate California maki, when I asked her about her opinion she said, "I almost puke and it left a very bad taste in my mouth." When I asked Naomi-san  after eating sushi she said "sugoi!". Then I asked Anna-san the next she said everything tastes delicious, after Anna I asked Mitszi-san she said that the most delicious is the california maki with mango on it and Alex-kun said that it tastes okay after eating California maki. Based on my observation there are really some people who doesn't like the taste of Japanese food like me and Vangelyn-san but there are also people who loved to eat Japanese food like Naomi-san, Anna-san, Mitszi-san and Alex-kun.


If there are people who read my story and got offended about my negative comment on Japanese food, I want to apologize, but guys I'm just trying to be honest with myself. By the way guys I do not hate all Japanese food, I love ramen and tempura!

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  1. The way you presented the article by asking for the opinions of others was a very nice idea... But it was more on the negative side, the way you commented...

  2. Nice job! The article was very informative and good choice on expressing your opinion about Japanese foods.

  3. I like the part that you asked the opinions of our fellow students regarding the food's taste. That's great and creative.

  4. I like the part that you asked the opinions of our fellow students regarding the food's taste. That's great and creative.


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