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Causes of Rape : Slutty Clothing, Mind-Altering Substances, or Socio-Cultural Influence?

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We should take note that no amount of slutty clothing, mind-altering substance, or socio-cultural influence should place blame on the rape victim. Rape is ALWAYS the rapist's fault. Erase your bias. Spread the word!

Sometimes, I don't get why pervs always place the blame on such factors: provocative clothing, their being drunk, and call of flesh. Why not to themselves? If skimpy clothing is the cause of rape, then why do I still hear of men raping women in cultures where they wear full-body clothes? Burkha fetish, anyone? I don't think rape occurs in nudist colonies. but then again I might be wrong.

During primitive communal when people are nomadic, there is no cloth, no alcohol, no tv, no minority, weather is present. Sex is a normal practice. with consent. No marriage either. So don't blame it to things... blame it to the system!

Also, alcohol isn't a valid excuse. There is no valid excuse. If you're a person who cannot control hirself when under the influence of alcohol, then maybe the greatest thing you can do for humankind is to not consume it.

There are cases when women accuse men of rape because she didn't like or regret the sex. False rape reports are incredibly low. There's a stigma over rape, which makes you wonder why a woman would do that and risk being on the receiving end of public shaming and mistreatment. Overemphasizing false rape reports increases the chance of every rape report being doubted. It undermines every rape case, preventing a case from being properly handled. If you're gonna focus on something, then focus on the low report and conviction rates.

I generally agree with the previous statement but I may have to disagree with the False Rape reports being far too low. After reading and analyzing Lisak (Statistics for rape reports). 19% of rape reports are proven true. 6% are proven false (this maybe what you consider as the small instance). The rest of 75% never make it to court. Now while the 75% is something we can't account for. The 25% we can. So 6/25 is 24%. That is what we can account for with those that came into trial. Now this number could go lower if more rape cases came to light since it is still an alarming.

In countries like the Philippines, the stigma of being unchaste is worse than that of being raped. that's why Nicole (Subic Bay rape case) cried rape because the stigma of a woman voluntarily engaging in gangbang sex is worse than that of being raped.
The fact that most rape go un reported. But for now we can surmise that 1 of every 4 rape trials that went through has an incidence of being false.

But considering rapists are people who force themselves into other people, it is quite unsurprising how messed up their view of the world is. How they perceive the world is clouded by obscenity very much. I hope they would be able to discern the light that's right in front of them. Worst is that rape victims are, most of the time, UNHEARD. They are neglected and deprived of justice.

Self-defense ought to be an essential lesson taught by all fathers to their daughters. Not all women can defend themselves physically. Not all women can defend themselves physically. I wish all of them were as brave and bold as Columbiana. A woman MAY kill a rapist in the act and go scot-free. But there is a 99% possibility that the victim will be killed before she/he kills the rapist. However, the rapist wants satisfaction first so there should be a slim margin to slip-in a stab to the ribs with a knife. Castration and incarceration with the general population for rapists. To make rapists eunuchs. In reality, all you can think of is kicking and crying. You are in shock and in overwhelming fear. Remember that. It's easier said than done.

Men are testy creatures. A man committing rape isn't himself when he does it, some primordial demon of his manhood takes the wheel. A man misanthropes into a were-rapist or am I delving into too much Twilight? Is is because the gravitational pull of Ganymede triggered a disturbance in the magnetosphere thereby launching dark matter and displacing normal non-predatory traits and sexual inhibitions or the need to dominate among "men" turning them into "rapists". Yes makes perfect sense when you really don't think about it. Seriously, it would be a mercy on our part to kill them rather than face the shame of being branded a "rapist".

You know, men ought to be as mad at the whole "if she hadn't been wearing that" thing as much as we are. It implies that men are base creatures of instinct that, upon sighting a miniskirt, go into a frothing sex nao frenzy. IT IMPLIES THAT MEN'S NATURAL STATE IS RAPIST. Men shouldn't be pushing the "if she wasn't wearing that" thing with rape because it makes them out to be a homogenous lump of rapists. In fact, they should be outraged whenever anyone makes that argument because it casts generalizations that all men are rapists. Which they definitely aren't. It's not only men who say that but a few nuns, and rather repressed women, who also share the misbegotten idea that rape victims asked for it. A lot of men and women, however, reject that idea, simply because rape is a crime of violence, its victims NEVER wanted to be raped, and that stupidity knows no gender, race, nor age.

I can infer men have the tendency to become allured by provocative clothing and "urge". Also, from my inference I can infer men have the strongest tendency to commit infidelity. But if you think that "men" are a homogenous lump of rapists, then you have problems. Is killing them for self-defense justified? It is a tough call to make or stand your ground in cases of rape, male homicides by females would rise no doubt.

Though we should stop with the gender generalizations, women are as much as infidels, as men can be. Lesbians rape other women, gay men rape other men. All genders can be bound to being such. However, most common cases of rape are attributed to men. Or is that because men do not talk about getting raped. RAPE is RAPE. Placing a gender definition distracts us from the fact that anyone can be a victim of rape.

Really, why is "weather" even in that chart? I don't get it. Coldness and hotness contribute in some way, perhaps. Maybe, the rapist is triggered by weather, i.e., a cold weather. The rapist needs some friction. Rape caused by weather... Could somebody please explain how the flying frak that works? "Ah, it's lovely day today. I think I'll go out to the park, and give some poor defenseless chap a good rogering!" Or you got struck by lightning, which rewires your brain into "pervy-rape" mode.

Rapists, as "preemptive, serious, seasoned rapists" (as it was in portraited this way by the photo above). I totally agree that clothing, media, and all the other factors have almost nothing to do to have someone cause or initiate rape; but seeing this started by an overall generalization that only "rapists" commit rape is something that I can't agree with. 

As much as I don't want to dwell into specifics, not all rape is committed under duress. (e.g. two drunk/drugged individuals who had but little to no control of themselves to deny the intentions of having sex with each other, or the case you presented). My only concern on the matter is that generalizations and the discarding of possible special cases defies reason. Not every victim is a technically a victim, and same goes that not all branded rapists are indeed rapists.

Solicited by Bianx Teodoro

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  1. We all know that rape case in our increasing. For me one of the factors why girls nowadays were raped is because of slutty clothing. To be able protect ourselves in our own way, we should know how to dress up, especially in public places.

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