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Gotti's Ristorante : Dare to Pass the Pizza and Pasta Perfection Challenge?

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"Pinoys, like me, enjoy pizza. There may be some of us who pronounce pizza as “picha” or “pisza” but no matter; as far as taste in pizza is concerned, Pinoys are united. Just don’t get started with how we pronounce “mozzarella”."

I'm in the mood again for some Italian cuisine for our snack. Hhhmmm....looks like we'll be having pizza and pasta again. The two great things that I will never stop loving.

So we would like to try dining at a restaurant we have never been to yet. My wife and I were trying to stay away from crowded places so we decided to have a late lunch to avoid the lunch rush hour where it takes longer to order than to dine.

But were so tired with the usual rice meals so its off to a pizza and pasta place - the next best thing to dishes that comes with our favorite staple food.

Gotti's Ristorante, with its pizza and pasta choices, is now in the hot seat as it will try to satisfy our exquisite taste for the best dishes around the Metro.

They have this small, yet cozy, branch at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay city, and we wanted to give their food a try. 

There is a study over at that pasta can make you happy, and we wanted to keep enjoying the day that weekend:

"There's a good reason that a plate of pasta happy makes you happy. Carbohydrates help increase concentrations of the neurotransmitter serotonin in your blood, low levels of which are linked to depression. In fact, a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine reveals that following a high-carb, lowfat diet for a year made people feel less angry, depressed and confused than consuming a low-carb diet for the same length of time. Feed your noodle with a sweet potato or 1/2 cup whole-wheat pasta."

So carbs it is! You will never go wrong with a plate of pasta, and a few slices of pizza!

Gotti's Ristorante is not the extravagant and very elaborate setup of a restaurant. It's quite small compared to other high-end pizza and pasta restos but the ambiance is conducive enough to keep your appetite.

They have this very affordable yet "Mobsterrific" meals that we would like to try out. We will see if it is indeed as "mobster" (we've been robbed) or "terrific" (excellent meal) as advertised....Are we going to be elated or disappointed? You will find out any minute now (or second, depending on how fast you read).

I think the branch has been there for more than a year already so its menu was a little bit"abused" already...but believe me, theirs was a whole lot better because we have been a lot worse than one that was gnawed by a dog.

It may also be an indication that there are many people who come in to the place and dine on their delightful dishes - Ooopppss! I simply can't resist to state the obvious once again.

I really do not know if its the love for pizza and pasta that seems to have convinced me they have an excellent meal package for just P 125 but I've eaten at other restaurants where I had regrets.

Yet Gotti's Ristorante never failed me on any of the dish that was part of the "Monsterrific" budget meal.

The pizza was simple yet tasty, the salad was satisfactory for its price, the chicken pieces is competitive, plus a regular drink - surely beats the meals of other restaurants in its category.

Since we came at a few hours after luinch time, we were the only customers at the branch during that time. Great for some photo ops so you could see the entirety of the restaurant.

Ice teas for our drinks - nothing really special here - just the traditional tasting drink with ice.

The portions for pizza (two slices), pasta and salads were just right to please. We were hungry when we came in but we were satisfied when we came out.

We choose different set meals so we could take photos of both for our blog. My wife had the Margharita pizza, carbonara and Caesar's salad, while I had the one with Garlic and Cheese pizza, pasta with pesto sauce and chicken fingers.

The back of the menu says : (I kind of enjoy reading it so I took a picture because I wanted to share it with you guys)

"Good fella or bad fella, Gotti sure knows his mozzarella.

He ordered his men to slice 'em and dice 'em. He had a devious plan right down into his pan, the freshest picks, the choicest cheeses and the finest herbs.

Some say he was conniving, other convincing. But we all agree this Don is not forgiving. He made pizza to perfection. His pastas : sweet seduction.

Love him or hate him, but this gangster is no prankster. Savor what "da capo" created. Enjoy what Don has Gotti's

Go ahead and taste...."

The restaurant got its name based on a real life individual named John Gotti. To give you a historical background of Gotti is: John Joseph Gotti, Jr. was an Italian-American mobster who became the Boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City. Gotti and his brothers grew up in poverty and turned to a life of crime at an early age.

Gotti was known as the Dapper Don for his expensive taste in suits, and the Teflon Don because none of the FBI charges against him will stick. Life is good, but suspicion creeps in, and greed, rule-breaking and his high public profile all threaten to topple him.

Determined to get a conviction, the FBI finally manage to get him on tape not only admitting to crimes, but speculating on how he might have to do something about his right-hand man, Dammy "The Bull" Gravano. When presented with the information, Gravano makes a deal with the prosecutors and testifies against his one-time friend who is sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Hehehe...I really do not know why they named their restaurant after an Italian-American mobster, but may be to exude a feeling of "gangsterrific" aura.

So was it perfect?

Well, maybe not because nothing is perfect in this world anyway, but the thumbs up after every food review is a sign we did enjoy our dining experience at Gotti's Ristorante. That's good enough to know that you will not be disappointed with the meals at its price. You get value for your money.

The restaurant has three branches : SM Megamall, SM Bicutan, SM Mall of Asia

To find out more about Gotti's Ristorante, please check out their Facebook page:

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