Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sugarleaf : Healthy Options For Your Body

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An alternative lifestyle is to indulge instead on healthy foods. Vegetables, fruits, root crops, - those that do not involve killing animals for their meat - and everything else organic and all natural with no preservatives.

Sugarleaf offers its customers the healthy option to dine and enjoy their meals with less the worries of getting fat or unhealthy - at a fraction more of the price. Truly, eating healthy foods cost a little bit more, but you are assured better health compared to dining with all that pork, beef, - and all that oily fatty foods that you can think of.

I had the opportunity to dine with friends and enjoy some of their healthy dishes as seen below:

One psychological term I learned from a friend : PSYCHO HYGIENE
1. Don't do things that will make you unhappy.
2. Never compromised on your principles.
3. Learn to say NO. Don't let people dictate to you what you should do.
4. Stop negative thoughts right away when they enter your mind. get busy doing something else.
5. Don't believe all that other people says-- that is a Gospel Truth.
6. Not because you are jobless or sick or poor - Don't let people walk on you. Don't believe all their comments.
7. Stop that PITY PARTY!


But I would have to add an easier task for number 8.

8. Indulge in the healthy options at SUGARLEAF.

The juice - a combination of 1/2 pineapple and a few of vegetables (2 stems of malunggay, 1 bulb of lemon grass, 1/2 ampalaya) - was made from a juicer (Matstone low speed Multi-purpose juicer) which extracted all those healthy fluids with no added water - just pure juice out from fruits and vegetables. The machine is also a mincer, grinder, mill, noodle maker, sorbet maker and chopper. Amazing machine that could do all those things.

It also has a store where you can buy healing juices that detox, liver-cleanse and act as skin tonics. It has some organic produce like fruits, vegetables, rice and coffee, and a good kefir - ready to drink classic and fruit-flavored. It also has natural sweeteners like coco nectars and sugar, yacon extract and stevia.

Superfoods include Acai, chia, goji berries, guyabano, maca, raw cacao, and spirulina.

You can also order items like Ezekiel bread, organic pork, fish and more.


Sugarleaf also offers talks and workshops for the health buffs. Schedules is teh Metaphysics of Healing with Jose Frank Regis o March 3, Verses to Nourish the Soul : A Poetry Appreciation class on March 24, The Beauty of Raw with Monalisa Neuboeck on April 14, Destress for Life with health is in on April 21, Demystifying Superfoods om Many 12, and Maternal Matters with Medela on May 26.

Check out or follow them at their twitter account  @sugarleafph

Call 661-6639 for their Greenhills branch or 812-7323 for their Makati branch.

You may also contact Angelo Narciso Songco on 0917 8039055.

Sugarleaf is indeed your haven of health where you deliciously slim down, appetisingly anti-oxidise, energise and more! It's unbelievably healthy!

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