Monday, October 15, 2012

Gastronomic Delights @ Gerry's Grill

We had a classmate from a recent training program that was going back to the US ending her stay here in the Philippines. Apparently, she was just here to visit relatives and attend training programs because she was simply bored. Her husband is frequently on travel, and she has nothing to do at home. In short she was bored, so she went back to the Philippines, even for just a short time, to unwind and meet new friends.

She already attended several training programs even before we set foot at the DB Wizard Training Center....and to end her probably month long series of training she decided to treat the entire class, including our instructor, at a restaurant nearby.

This is where we tried out the food at Gerry's Grill. It's not my first time to eat at this restaurant, well it's my first time at this particular branch, so I was expecting nothing new. But still, the food was gastronomically delightful, as always.

As they say in Tagalog, "Hindi nakakasawa. Hindi nakakaumay." I was not so hungry because we just had some snacks earlier immediately after class ended, but I think that's the best way to tell if the food is really good: To still have an appetite to eat plenty even though you're full.

The menu was thick and had plenty of choices...but later on we ended up ordering the package meals.

So they also have a delivery hotline. Eating the food outside the ambiance of Gerry's Grill would be something less satisfying. I get more appetite knowing I am eating with friends.

Sorry if some of my pictures shows the foodies already more than half-way eaten..hehehe....I forgot about taking pictures and only remembered when I was in the middle of a mouthful already.

I wondered for a moment what's wrapped inside this this a banana leaf?

So it was fish, after all. My first choice among the pork, beef and chicken dishes.

"Sinigang na baboy" - Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour flavor most often associated with tamarind (sampalok). "Baboy" is pig, know it as pork!

"Nilagang karne ng baka" or Beef stew

I bet you know already that I prefer seafood. This "pusit" or squid was the first dish that I ate, and oh boy was it awesome!

I was never a lover of pork, even if grilled ala barbecue taste really good.

If there's no seafood, I would indulge in chicken was this chicken cooked? I don't remember because our host was the one who ordered all the dishes...We just ate it all...hehehe

The sisig was amazingly good.  Yes, I know its pork head, or was it ears and snout? Hhhmmm, a quick look at Google and it says "marinated, boiled, grilled and fried pig face (ears, cheeks and snout)".....Oh no!......Just this once, it probably wouldn't hurt me much.

Yummy and cheeeeessssssyy! Is this clam?

More chicken, this time saucy,  for us!

"Piniritong Daing na Bangus" or salted and dried, and then fried, milkfish has always been another seafood favorite!

and of course, the Filipino meal would not be complete without "kanin" or rice. The staple food of Pinoys!

At ang panulak (and for our drinks) - two towers of ice tea ! That's our instructor at the background. He looks like drunk already in ice tea! Damn this red-eye bullshit in my camera!

Check out the date from my classmate's camera that has date stamped photos. Hhhmmm, so this was taken last May 4...

Obviously, this is the only free time I am able to put everything that has happened recently in my blog...for posterity sake.

I always ask the person taking the picture from my camera to shoot twice just in case the first one was faulty or blurred.

Thank you to our host, the second lady from the left, for the treat. Be sure to come back and treat us again soon...hehehe

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