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Garin Insists Dengvaxia Not Fatal, Panic Stems from PAO

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Four mothers of children vaccinated with Dengvaxia tried to physically assault former Deaprtment of Health (DOH) Secretary Janette Garin after the House probe on the controversial dengue vaccine.

However, her escorts and lawyer were able to shield her, plus the security guards inmediately removed the mothers away while one was let screaming her lungs out when the elevator where Garin's group entered finally closed.

This was after the House hearing on the P3 billion dengue immunization program.

I'm not saying this is the right reaction, but it's just natural.We have to understand where are they (affected families) are coming from.

The parents have the right to get mad and protest. But what I do not understand is how come they were allowed entry, and do this, with the guards and cameras around.

Completely understandable. God knows, the parents of the vaccinated children has been having sleepless nights and anxiety ever since this Dengvaxia fiasco blew up.

"The 4 were in hysterics, screaming at Garin and accusing her of killing their children. But they would later tell the media that none of their children had died.".....yet.

However, their children were truly sick and Dengvaxia is the prime culprit.

"These women are taking drama to the extreme. Well trained by (PAO Chief) Persida Acosta, complete with costumes."

Garin shared “They were just making all the drama. I’m sorry to say this. And somebody was saying: ‘The Public Attorney’s Office told us to go here and attack you’”

Some people are calling it part of the schemed theatrics initiated by the Public Attorney's Office (PAO) but there were also reports that the women did it on their own without any motivation from PAO or other parties.

Some are also saying that Garin should be reminded that the biggest "for show" happened during the 2016 elections when an immunization program was launched as a smokescreen to beef up the candidacy of the Liberal Party. That's the real" for show".

PAO already filed civil cases against Garin, former Usec. Kenneth Go, board of directors of Sanofi Pasteur Philippines, and Zuellig Pharma Philippines over the Dengvaxia mess.

Aquino, Garin and others could face homicide through reckless imprudence, including graft charges, for the Dengvaxia scandal.

By the way, former DOH Secretary Esperanza Cabral is among the board of trustees of Zuellig.

Is it true that there will be more of these currently more than a dozen deaths until the parents and families of 800 thousand plus children take justice in their own hands?

And they keep blaming everything to the previous administration of former President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III when a second tranche of the vaccination were given under this current administration already led by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Remember when Dr. Paulyn Rosell-Ubial was asked why she continued the Dengvaxia program? She said she was pressured by congressmen to do it. She was also told to expand it. Congresswoman Garcia and Cogressman Richard Garin (husband of former DOH Secretary Garin) pressured her and threatened to withhold budget. Let us not forget.

However, Congressman Garin has already denied it.

Garin said the attempted attack by mothers of children vaccinated with Dengvaxia was just for show. She then condemned groups responsible for these staged attacks. She appealed for sobriety because some are purposely creating hysteria in relation to the Dengvaxia controversy.

"I call for sobriety. Let’s listen to experts."

"A conclusion cannot be done overnight." Garin says PAO's forensic laboratory is not qualified to say that Dengvaxia was the cause of death of children.

She also said that the DOH would not have conducted the sub-national vaccination if Sanofi Pasteur would have given the exact information on Dengvaxia's effects.

People are saying that Garin was obviously educated in the Aquino school of incompetence and callousness because she

1. Downplays grief, anger and pain of victims & families

2. Does not acknowledge responsibility over the failure of its dengue mass immunization program

3. Puts the blame on misinformation and lies

Garin should also be appointed as Secretary of the Department of National Defense. With her defensiveness, I'm sure even China won't stand a chance.

Should Garin and company be condemned to death? They are being accused as criminals, as well as the doctors who are agaisnt the forensic examination of victims. Should they be jailed too for trying to conceal potential findings that may further prove that Degvaxia is the cause of deaths and implicate Garin and others?

Meanwhile, RJ Nieto, blogger of pro-Duterte Thinking Pinoy social media site and blog, released leaked emails showing Aquino, Garin, Hartigan-Go, etc., railroaded the Dengvaxia approval. There is no confirmation yet of its validity and truthfullness.

In some cases, a hysterical public is what public servants need to move their lazy ass. Garin has to learn to take accountability for her actions. Dengvaxia as the cause of death may not have been established yet, but it is now the cause of fear and uncertainty for many families.

"She’s pretty experienced as a politician, but the intricacies as well as the subtleties of making fairly serious medical decisions became obvious when this thing happened," Ona told ANC's Headstart.

"I am not even sure .. she has read the literature...”

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