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Here's How You Can Have the Perfect Horseback Safari with Your Family and Kids

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Family safaris should be fun and trouble-free for everyone. The USA has several outback trails, safaris in national parks and reserves. When there are kids involved, you need to spend a little more time planning the safaris. Camping and bonfires in the wild take significantly more preparing irrespective of the destination when children are part of the group.

So here are five tips you need to remember to make the safari and trip enjoyable for all:
Pick the spot in an informed way
Don't pick a safari by browsing through trail pictures. Even the most beautiful trails can have significant threats for kids.

Although safaris in the USA do not pose as many risks as tropical safaris, there are factors you need to be aware of. Read up on local flora and fauna. Find out the prevalence of mosquitoes, midges, ticks, poison-ivies, giardia, yellow fever, and ciguatera before you start planning your trip. Talk to the pediatrician about vaccines, preventive medication, and skin-friendly insect repellents as per necezssities.

Talk to the kids

Kids might become excited thinking about watching animals from up close and riding horses but talk to them about the exhaustion, challenges of riding at a stretch and living outdoors for at least a night. Watching trotting horses on the Fair Grounds Race Trackis a lot different from riding them. Horseback safaris are a lot harder for kids if they have never seen a horse up close or ridden one. Get them to practice grounds several times before you hit the trail.

Find lodging that’s kid-friendly

Kids are energetic, creative, imaginative and they need to be comfortable after a day's trip. Children need comfortable accommodations to enjoy safaris just as much as you would. Pick hotels and lodges that have children's play areas, activity centers, and sitters, in case your child does not want to go on safari with the adults. Many hotels have ongoing kid's clubs that can keep your child engaged throughout the day.

Pick child-friendly activities

Specific activities including long treks during the safari, multi-day outdoor camping and canoeing might not be kid-friendly. Unless your child has been training for such activities for years, it is better to omit them and go for simpler activities like short trail safaris, car safaris, outdoor fishing, parent-kid campfires in the evenings. Many travel centers and outdoor activity booking agencies have kid-friendly options you can ask for.

Pack smart, pack light

While packing your bags always include a first-aid kit, snacks, energy bars and ORS. Children can be very fussy about packing, and that can be challenging during safaris. The most natural solution is to pack for your kids like the way you usually pack for yourself. Always let them carry their own stuff (or at least a part of it) during the travel to the lodge. On the safari, only allow them to carry the essentials and carry a little bit of backup in your backpack too.

Most lodges that house safari enthusiasts usually have necessary first-aid and are happy to cater as per dietary restrictions (including allergies). Intimate them a couple of days in advance about your allergies and food preferences. Keeping these five simple tips in mind will help you and your family enjoy a safari equally.

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