Friday, February 9, 2018

Yugto Theater Ensemble Proudly Presents Dating Stranger

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Love is like a loop, even tangled chances… This is for us to decipher."

This love month, Yugto Theater Ensemble's (YTE) latest offering entitled "DATING STRANGER" will be joining Fringe Manila 2018 in celebration of the national arts month. “Dating Stranger” is a twin bill production in collaboration with Mapua Tekno Teatro (MT2). The twin bill production's title can be read in two ways, in english as “Dating a stranger” and in filipino tag-lish “’Dating’ stranger” meaning “Formerly a stranger”. This production showcases, MT2 Dramafest17’s multi-awarded play “Date”, and YTE’s “Hello Stranger”. This twinbill production aims to showcase the complexity of love in two different scenarios. It shows two different perspective depicting how and why people choose to stay or to let go. Everything still boils down to love. 

Here are the synopsis of the said performances:

Mapua Tekno Teatro’s “Date” Written by Jean Gladys Vicente | Directed by Anggoy Jalla

"February 14 is definitely a remarkable date for Jen and Jed. They first met in a restaurant during Valentines day and their anniversary also falls on that date. It has been their tradition, more like a ritual frankly, to celebrate their “First-Day-of- Meeting” Valentines day/anniversary in the only restaurant that they love. For the third time, they will eat and reminisce their memories. For the second time, some-one is not making new memories. For the first time, someone will stop—maybe."

Yugto Theater Ensemble’s “Hello Stranger” Written by Julio Garcia | Directed by Antonio Luis Mercado

"Two old friends, Tupe and Pat, attends a ‘love mixer’ event. During the event, the two shared laughter about their memories. They had drinks and played games facilitated by the event’s host. As the event progressed though, little by little, their past mistakes unravels that will prompt them to suddenly decide whether they should stay as friends or just be strangers."

DATING STRANGER shall have its run on February 14, & 15 10:30am & 3:00pm at Mapua University (Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila City) and February 23, 24, & 25, 7:30pm at Dulo MNL (4992 P. Guanzon St. Poblacion, Makati City)

Tickets are priced at Three Hundred and Fifty Pesos (Php350.00)

For more information and details visit our Facebook page: and our event page:

For tickets reservations, show-buying and sponsorship inquiries, contact Ren Ren Billiones (+63 977 841 6940) or e-mail

You can also purchase tickets for our Dulo MNL shows at

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