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Experience Dining at The Coast Food Park in Malabon

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Food parks have continued trending that nearly every city has more than one of these food hubs with several food choices to choose from. Since they are managed centrally, the food park could offer various kinds of treats to satisfy the cravings of their customers. So aside from the usual comfort foods, they could throw in a mix of other dishes that are either new or popular among the common food hub patrons.

The biggest advantage of food parks is the affordability of the food prices and since stall owners do not need to worry about the other business requirements because the food park owners would deal with that, it is a lot more convenient and easy to operate for even small entrepreneurs that are just starting and hoping their small business will eventually boom.

Even the provinces and cities outside Metro Manila are already being penetrated by food parks but we are yet to see if they are equally successful.

Though some food stalls of a food park may not click with the patrons, they could easily redevelop new concepts or accept other food offerings. Packing up is not a hard thing to do when all their concern is within their stalls. There are several other business savvy individuals who would be willing to try their luck in the food business.

After all, everyone eats at least three times a day that this basic necessity could easily be addressed by providing tasty enough cuisines that would keep people coming back for more. Great customer service could also be a key since many would prefer to dine at a place where customers feel more comfortable and welcomed. Of course, additional value-added services like providing entertainment for the enjoyment while enjoying a meal could attract patrons to hang out and eat at the food hub often.

One food park that is quite new, and should be among the foodies chosen destination soon, is The Coast Food Park located in Malabon city. We were invited to try out some of their specialties a few days ago, and so now I'm delighted to share to you these offerings so you could at least be aware of what to expect at this food park.

My son and I were invited to join this food tasting along with other bloggers. We went as far as Malabon to see if this particular food park can match up with the other existing food parks we've been.

We asked them to serve the dishes all at once so we could do a flatlay of the entire feast. However, there's just no room to take a photo of everything from the top, so more of our photos show the dishes per food stall, aside from the individual shots of the dishes. We also have videos of each food and stall that we plan to compile into one preview of the food park. As of this writing, it is still a pending task since work obligations are not being cooperative and requires me to work even during weekends. Just stand by for the video on our YouTube channel or Facebook page as soon as we have ample time to work on it.

Which ones among the dishes served were my personal favorite? I have to stay that the Longanissa Party of Salongganisa Atbp was my favorite since it allowed me to experience tasting around 10 kinds of these yummy treats from different provinces of the Philippines (Guinobatan, Batac, Cabanatuan - Batutay and Recado, Cebu, Lucban, Calumpit, Tugeugarao, Baliwag - Garlic and BBQ), and best eaten with their special fried rice. The dish is meant for sharing with someone else but I could eat the entire thing on my own. It would be a great first choice for new visitors of this food park.

I'm also a pizza lover so I love all kinds of pizza whatever toppings you put on them. This is why I chose pizza as one of my take-outs so I could share the blessings at home. When I said "blessings," it was meant to emphasize my love for the Overload Pizza of Rox to Go that I want my loved ones to taste it too.

I would have also taken home another batch of the Longganisa Party but I ordered the monstrous Giant fried squid from Hungry Pirate instead which is also another favorite though it lack the spices I am looking for. They could improve on it by adding more herbs and spices to the breading or marinade the squid longer to taste better. I didn't choose it because it was big, but more likely because I prefer to eat seafood which is less fatty than meat.

If I'm really hungry, I would also choose to buy Pancit Canton or Pata Tim at Chelle's Diner. These are comfort foods for me since I always love pancit of every kind. However, theirs was just the right mix to satisfy our taste buds. The Pata Tim was a bit too sweet for me, but it's something too easy to fix, and you'll have a great meal already.

The steaks from Steaks & Sizzles could have been better if they sizzled it. The Beef Porterhouse and T-Bone steaks were quite cold already when we ate it so it became too dry to be appreciated. Maybe when I return there I could try a newly-cooked and still sizzling one.

Hot & Ready Buffalo Wings served two kinds of buffalo wings: Signature (Parmesan) and Garlic. Between the two, I prefer their Signature because it's a lot more distinctive and delectable in taste.

The Ramen and Takoyaki from Hanabi was not that too special to stand out but I could be wrong again since they were already too cold when we got to them. We all know that Ramen, and Takoyaki, are better when hot and freshly-cooked. That's the problem with the need to take photos., or even videos, before trying out the food, you'll end up not knowing the actual taste when served at its best.

For drinks, you have three choices here: either at Street Shakes for different kinds of shakes like their Shawberry Boulevard and Macha-ti avenue (all named after popular Philippine streets), Sebastian's Fish Bowl who has specially prepared drinks like the Peppy Flounder (Green Cucumber) and the Dazzling Ariel (Pink Lemonade Sparkling Punch), and Rox Gastropub for concoctions with alcoholic content like the Chokeslam and the Love Potion.

Each one among the three would work to satisfy my thirst, especially the drinks inside the huge fish bowl-like jars from Sebastian's Fish Bowl. Sweet-tooths would probably choose from the Street Shakes menu especially that the shakes are attractively decorated and generously filled with sweet treats, but the more adventurous peeps would go for the drinks at Rox Gastropub.

For dessert, Scoops and Drizzle serve sweet treats that are quite new in the Philippine market. Examples of their creations are the Customized Egg Waffle and Cake Balls with Nutella. The one they served with strawberry is a favorite since you don't see that choice very often and it is only in Baguio where you could almost only see strawberry-filled dishes as affordable as here.

For more details, below are the names of the stalls and the dishes they served to us for sharing. Also listed are the prices of each:
Hot & Ready Buffalo Wings
Signature Buffalo (P79)
Garlic Parmesan (P79)

Rox to Go!
Overload Pizza (P350)

Scoops and Drizzle
Customized Egg Waffle (P145)
Cake Balls with Nutella (P105)

Steaks & Sizzles
Beef Porterhouse Steak (P134)
Beef T-Bone Steak (P134)

Street Shakes
Shawberry Boulevard (P130)
Matcha-ti Avenue (P130)

Rox Gastropub
Chokeslam (P199)
Love Potion (P199)

Hungry Pirate
Giant Squid (P350)

Chelle's Diner
Pancit Canton (P120)
Pata Tim (P299)

Sebastian's Fish Bowl
Peppy Flounder (Green Cucumber) P89
Dazzling Ariel (Pink Lemonade Sparkling Punch) P89

White Ramen (P140)

Salongganisa Atbp
Minaisang Longganisa (P90)
Longganisa Party (P245)
Hinilongganisa (P125)

As I've said earlier, the food park trend is still booming right now that you may want to join in on the bandwagon while it's still hot. People would always want something new eventhough there are already several choices to choose from. So my advise to the owners of the food parks, including each individual stall, is that they should always come out with something new. We want to keep our customers' interests sustained so that they'll definitely come back for more. It is therefore advisable to always innovate and introduce additions to the existing list of dishes in their menu, even for just a short time so frequent visitors could expect to find something different to try.

The inclusion of entertainment like a band, some singers, stand-up comedians, or even monologues from "hugot" lines or what is known as the spoken word, are a great way to attract attention and keep diners glued and awaiting for more so they could order more, but not too much because just as how free Wi-Fi access divides the attention of customers, too much entertainment could also keep them from eating at a normal pace and thus leaving their seats for the next diners would take a considerably crazy amount of time.

But in my case, I would definite want to see more stunning performances from the likes of Two Way, and the other emerging artists out there that definitely need breaks to be discovered. It would be such a waste to keep that talent hidden. It is also amazing that some of the tenants participate in providing entertainment since we were surprised to see our host, one of the owners of the stall there, who sang a song for the crowd. Now with that voice, she could totally add more brilliance to an already exemplary act.

My son and I enjoyed a fairly good dinner that night. If you were to ask him, he was not that impressed with the overall experience since we've been to better restaurants with extravagant ambiance with highly decorated and generously spiced dishes. However, the price comparison would tell you the exact reason why. 

Good luck to The Coast Food Park for entering this business venture. We hope that you'll be among those who would survive a very competitive industry. The taste preferences of Filipinos are becoming more sophisticated but there are many who still go back to the comfort foods, just like me, when I'm too hungry to dare to experiment. However, when Filipinos find and discover new favorites, they would stick longer with you. Thus, it is up to these food stall owners to find ways to sustain their quality and also come up with ideas to keep their customers.

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