Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Declare Your Allegiance, Join an Alliance

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"Declare your allegiance. Join your allies and champion your faction's cause."

There's a lot of groups out there that's making it hard to choose which one to join. This is why many join as many groups as possible to get more opportunities. The more groups you'll join, the more choices available.

However, you may catch more, or less, than what you wish when you're fishing in all the seas. As they say, quality is better than quantity. You can catch more fish with a net, but unwanted sea creatures and some other junk may get caught too.

It's like writing about everything instead of having a niche.

There's also what is called loyalty towards a group, that eventually becomes a team, which strengthens a group whose members do not cross borders just to hunt for the biggest prey. Members that have so many group affiliations will mostly be the first ones to leave your group if ever it gets involved in issues they feel will damage them.

Driving your group along for the ride to success is a lot better than hitching a ride on everyone's success. By being focused to collaborate on only one group could elevate your group to high prestige making you more proud to represent it.

The impression that your group projects is also vital especially when you're among the unique reasons why it soared high.

This is why we have to take extra precaution on accepting members as they could also lead to the downfall of a group.

We don't believe that belonging to a group with the biggest members is a sign of credibility since the admins or leaders of the group may just be accepting anybody that comes their way without any criteria or validation imposed.

But also do remember that any gathering of like-minded individuals are great to have. However, it is also more healthy to hear the thoughts of others that would disagree or contradict to the common beliefs since it could be an opportunity to see other ways and solutions that could be better.

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