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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges of January 2023

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When you plan to become a crypto investor there are two main issues to solve: what asset to buy and where to do that. Picking crypto assets for investments, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:
price chart helps you understand how an asset behaves in different market trends;
market cap helps to understand the level of the asset’s dominance in the market;
trade volume allows us to see how many transactions are conducted with the asset per day.

Also, you should pay attention to the technology of a project and its application. If an asset has real use cases, it has more chances to be in demand, and if there is demand for the asset, its price will hold at a decent level.

When it comes to the market cap indicator, it is essential to understand that the higher it is, the more stable the asset’s price against market volatility. That means, on the one hand, large-cap coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) are worth buying for the long-term, and on the other hand, low-cap asses (Dash) are more sensitive to market trends changes and have bigger chances to boost during the next bull run.

As of mid-January 1023, the DASH cryptocurrency price is $47.82. The peak indicator was $1110 in December 2018.

Top Crypto Exchanges

Next thing to do after picking an asset is to choose a crypto platform. Here are the five best platforms with the most relevant cryptocurrency prices:

The WhiteBIT crypto exchange is the most suitable for a beginner trader, for it offers the most convenient interface and quality customer support. The platform has two options for interface - basic and advanced. Users can also configure the interface according to their needs. The platform charges fixed fees - 0,10% per transaction and ensures a high safety level for users' funds. Check out its official website and blog.

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