Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Was Xian Gaza really talking with a lawyer?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Ang alarming ng post ni Xian Gaza related to tax. Hays, get your facts right, guys. ‼

Xian Gaza is doing it again just for the sake of being “relevant”

I'm perplexed. When did Xian Gaza become a source of...wisdom, it seems? Was it around the time he recorded himself while getting a blowjob?

Nagkakalat si Xian Gaza on Facebook with a purported conversation with his lawyer, alleging that the latest BIR RMC on social media influencers cannot be applied retroactively because of the Constitutional proscription on ex-post facto laws. 

O mga #bakLAW, tama ba yung "attorney" ni Xian Gaza? Wala na nga bang tax liability ang mga content creators at Filipino influencers kapag binura na nila ang kanilang mga online accounts? Ano ang ex post facto eklavu? Long discussion ahead! 

Sinong lawyer tong kausap ni Xian Gaza? RMC No. 97-2021 issued by the BIR this month only clarified that social media influencers are taxable persons. It did not impose new tax liabilities on them.

Regardless of being a self confessed white collar criminal. Do we still have the guts to trust his wisdom?

Anong ex post facto law pinagsasabi ng 'lawyer' kuno ni Xian Gaza? 

Ex post facto LAW nga eh. 

It is a LAW which, among others, criminalizes an act done before the passage of the law, and which was innocent when done; aggravates a crime, etc.

Hi Xian Gaza! 2307 is waving. Kung hindi ka law abiding citizen, wag ka na mandamay at mag-post ng kalokohan re: taxation.

A BIR circular is not a law, so the principle he just laid does not apply.  

Yung totoo, lawyer ba talaga pinagtanungan niya or 1st yr law student na kakabasa pa lang ng term na ex post facto law then felt like it was appropriate, given the facts???

Anong pinagsasabi netong ex post facto law?!!! 

That attention-seeking billboard guy? I wonder where he got his legal guidance.

So the guy posted another conversation with his alleged lawyer trying to rectify their earlier gaffe and the conclusion reached this time is the law should define what "influencing" is for influencers to be taxed. Make it make sense.

Totoo bang abogado niya yun? Kasi medyo nagkaroon ako ng boost of confidence na kung pumasa yun ng bar aba kaya ko rin dapat. Malay natin baka he's just talking to himself using another account? 

Pauso lang yan si Xian. Gago nga sila eh. Binababoy ang Constitution. Gago nga sila eh. Binababoy ang Constitution.

Siguro mas katanggap tanggap pa kung lifeblood doctrine sinagot ni Atty. You know what they say, ang law student na di ang alam sagot sa taxation, sa lifeblood doctrine kumakapit. 

The constitutional prohibition against ex post facto laws does not apply. As early as Act No. 1189 (passed 1904), up to the present law, the National Internal Revenue Code (passed 1997), income from business or trade has always been taxable. Walang retroactivity na nagaganap.

In other words, walang bagong buwis na ginawa ang BIR. Kongreso lang ang pwedeng magpataw ng buwis. RMC No. 97-2021 merely clarified/explained kung ano ang mga babayarang tax sa income ng influencers. Inulit lang ng RMC ang matagal nang nakasaad sa batas.

JUST IN: Lifeblood Doctrine na-high blood sa “lawyer” ni Xian Gaza. 

Parang baliktad yata yung pagkaka-intindi nya sa “Taxation is the rule and exemption is the exception” principle.  

What about taxing Axie Infinity earnings? is this legit? 

Kapag tinanong sa bar if ang earnings ng isang resident citizen from Axie Infinity ay taxable ba ng Philippine government, ang sagot ay hindi, dahil walang jurisdiction ang Pilipinas because ang virtual world ay hindi kasama sa territorial jurisdiction ng Pilipinas. Awit ka Xian Gaza!

Hindi kaya i-regulate ng Pilipinas ang crypto lalo na ang forex. Actually ang matatax lang diyan is earnings from crypto. As in, if you convert or "cash out" from crypto to peso.

Bale. The ex post facto Constitutional provision only came up in 1987. Therefore, prospective pa din ang application.

Luh hindi pa din tumitigil si Xian Gaza? Why is there a need to define "influencers" when they can easily be subsumed by the term resident citizens? Why is there a need to define "influencing" when gross income means all income derived from whatever source?

Ang daming triggered kay Xian Gaza to the point na he's trending na, and wala naman syang pake if mali sya, he indulges sa "criticisms" ng mga lawyer and accountant, and now we're giving him the clout that he truly wants.

Alarming kasi and dapat talaga icall out kasi false info. namimislead tao. Although hindi naman sya nacacall out dito, pinag-uusapan lang.

Obvious naman na nang-aasar lang siya and successful siya sa dami nattrigger. And the fact remains that his or his so-called lawyer's opinion is patently incorrect hence shouldn't count. Hello, ano aasahan natin sa scammer? Tsaka nakasuhan na ba siya under BP22? 

After all of this may ilalabas nanaman siyang business.....Though I admire Xian Gaza’s confidence to talk about tax code kahit mali mali sinasabi niya.

Marketing Strategy of this dude is literally crazy. Nakilala nga naman siya sa pagiging scammer and he embraced it.

Not to take Xian Gaza's side, pero instead of completely bashing and throwing ad hominem attacks why don't we just ask him to take down his false information abt taxation???? Cancel culture is really weird.

But I bet he would never do that. Attention habol niya eh. He feeds his ego with the clout he's getting so I doubt he'll take it down.

I pity Xian Gaza. Tax is the life blood of the State. It is one of the inherent powers of the State. Mag ingay ka kung maalam ka sa Tax and prepare for argument. Di yung tuturn-off mo yung comment section mo, that’s cowardly move dude.Last year pa nga nakaturn off yung comment section niya eh.

Or may alam siya actually, pero strategy niya yan to get people's attention?

Influencer or not, if you are earning income and seem to be not paying any taxes on it, immediately consult a trusted CPA or lawyer, before BIR gets to you.

Misinformation or lack of information will cost you a lot. Listen to the experts for your own safety and sanity.

Or ask your client to pay it on your behalf para net na lang income mo. Saves a lot of headache process-wise.

Tax 101 - resident citizens of PH are taxed on all their net income derived from sources within and without the Philippines. 

Accountants and lawyers failed to take advantage of the Xian Gaza controversy. It was a missed learning opportunity.

Save yourselves. If you have no idea about it, 'wag niyo i-share yung post ni Xian Gaza about taxation on crypto. 

Qiqil ako ni Xian Gaza ah.

Utang na loob Xian Gaza huwag mo na ikalat yung messages ng "lawyer" na pinagtatanungan mo. 

Kahit law student na hirapan sa Tax alam na taxable ang income ng SocMed influencers.

We cannot tolerate a "legal" opinion which stands on unstable and sketchy grounds.

Anyone else bothered that Xian Gaza is actually someone you’d consider a voice of reason these days?

Xian Gaza likes spreading misinformation. Pero magaling talaga s'ya sa timing at gathering clout. 

Pero neither he nor his "lawyer" na censored should be your source information. 

Pero malay n'yo, patibong n'ya 'yan sa Jamill para bumalik sa Youtube...hehehe

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