Monday, April 19, 2021

Demi Lovato versus The Big Chill

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

What’s your favorite internet beef? Mine is Demi lovato forgetting diabetics exist and fighting a frozen yogurt business in public.

Tbh I was wasn’t on her side at first, but then I saw they’re not marketing them to diabetics,  they’re marketing them as “guilt free”....but then I read further, and it opened my eyes to more revelations.

Demi Lovato was stuck for several years living a miserable life having to have watermelon cake with light cream on her fucking birthday, now she must be smiling while feeling the freedom to eat a real cake without guilt.

Some would say sugar free foods are often more harmful for diabetics because they contain substitutes worse than sugar. Dieting products are even worse, and both are often marketed together so Demi could be correct to call out that marketing and it's a valid eating disorder trigger too.

If you resource to sugar free food outside dieting that's valid. She's not invalidating that nor saying sugar free food should be banned, she's solely targeting the harmful diet culture marketing upon these products which is harmful not only for EDs but other health issues too.

This is coming from someone who has lived with diabetics her whole life. She has seen  relatives losing vision because of it, etc. She goes on saying it doesn't work for every diabetic at all.

Demi Lovato is necessary in the industry, but y’all definitely is not ready for that conversation. 

However, she is a rich woman damaging the reputation of a small business during a pandemic where businesses are ALREADY struggling. 

She intended on calling them out and it backfired. I feel like more people will support the restaurant now.

The restaurant is not the real cause for her triggers. Sugar free cookies do not classify as “disordered eating” if you're in the right mindset. If you're not, then it’s not the restaurant’s fault. The way she PUBLICLY called them out was so immature.

How is she gonna basically say “oh yeah well I also just didn’t like the service, y’all rude!” and then not go into detail about it and instead attack the restaurant “encouraging” the so called disordered eating.

Some people diet in a healthy way & the restaurant is trying to cater to their needs. If someone chooses to diet in an unhealthy way (coming from personal experience), it’s not the restaurants fault.

Then she doubles down and attacks the business AGAIN because they don’t label their goods specifically indicating “FOR DIABETICS” and how the “messaging isn’t super clear.” IDK, if I’m diabetic I think reading “sugar free” would be pretty self explanatory.

Y’all have rose colored glasses on for Demi. Every celebrity gets checked if they wrongfully call out something like she did. Y’all are just mad because she can do no wrong in your eyes.

She’s literally just trying to start shit for getting triggered ON HER OWN.

It’s not even just that, Demi is so involved with herself she doesn’t even acknowledge that dietary restrictions could actually exist because of disease. 

She needs to think about why there would be a need for such things. I realize that she has a disorder, but there are lots of folks who suffer from other illnesses. She needs to think before she speaks. It's extremely important for her to do this with such a large base.

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