Friday, April 23, 2021

False Asia survey: Another mind-conditioning tactic

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Pulse Asia seems to start doing "mental conditioning" for 2022 elections.

It strikes again with their psychological trick of mind conditioning. Tabogo lang maniniwala sa inyo, Pulse Asia.

According to Pulse Asia, Sara Duterte leads anew preferred 2022 presidential candidates.

Pulse Asia is a garbage agency, it should be named False Asia, they dont really represent the pulse of Filipinos, I was born and living in Metro Manila all my life and havent heard or seen or been interviewed by this fuck*ng survey agency, their survey must be made up only.

Every time there's controversy regarding Duterte's incompetence and negligence and West Philippine Sea, Pulse Asia releases a survey.

And where is the demand for this woman to run for presidency? She made no contribution nationally (same as her Father) except for the city where she currently sits as a Mayor and the 'support' with all the banners, tarps being shoved to our faces.

Very unlikely that a population of at least 110 million people would just be represented by a sample of less than 5000. Is it worth saying that False Asia, rather, Pulse Asia, connives with the government to rig the true pulse of the entire Filipino people? It is paid by our tax!

Napaka obvious ng tactic nila eh. Hindi na nila magogoyo mga galit at gutom na Pinoy.

The better question is why do these surveys keep getting printed or reported on air by print and broadcast media? Ano yan, paid advertisement?

You are not only helping criminals to stay  in power, you are helping the global tyrant Xi Jinping to continue invading the territories of the Philippines.

My gosh, will you please stop this mind conditioning? Of course, she'll be a top choice if all your respondents are DDS! Stop the joke, False Asia. 

False Asia aka Pulse Asia is another pro-Gov't commissioned survey that does nothing but reinforce blind fanaticism to a budol family.

Someday, someone will hunt these Pulse Asia People, profile them, and hammer them as criminals. Their stats are unsound but that doesn't matter for the regular Juan/Juana. Someday. There is a special place in hell for these liars in Pulse Asia.

Here’s what I find weird about Pulse Asia’s methodology: each of the 4 regions are treated with the exact same weight, even though luzon holds more than half of the population of the philippines

This greatly skews the survey in favor of those with strong support in Mindanao.

Liar False Asia! Walang gusto bumoto kay Sara kundi DDS at hindi na sila madami! 16m ang boto ni DU30 kasagsagan ng kasikatan nya total of 39+% of voting  population meaning may 60+% na hindi bumoto sa kanya so ngayon dami ng gising sa kapalpakam nya kaya malabo yan survey. Mga bayad kayo!

Fake. No one likes the Dutertes anymore. Stop these commissioned surveys that are obviously paid for by them. The Filipinos have suffered enough with one Duterte, I can’t imagine another one.

The people should ask 1) where did Pulse Asia do the survey 2) what was the question asked during survey 3) show an actual video footage of the survey 4) who requested the survey and most importantly, 5) who finance the survey.

We deserve a better government next year. Stop the mind conditioning Pulse Asia!

No one believes Pulse Asia anymore. This, plus the "excellent" performance of the president?? 

The increasing number of community pantries underscores the incompetence & stupidity of the Duterte govt. The close proximity of this event to the next presidential election will surely hurt their chances of winning. So how did they counter this? Naglabas ng Pulse Asia survey.

Just in time to quell the damage brought about by the Community Pantry debacle, eh? Damn, Pulse Asia, you really do wonders, don’t you? 

No way. Never again to a Duterte leadership. Pulse Asia, please avoid from being called False Asia. Stop ruining our country by fabricating a survey showing that the daughter of the devil in the palace is a top choice.

For those people who are rejoicing or bragging because of the recent results of False Asia este, Pulse Asia, just remember, there were only 2,400 respondents, out of 110.59 MILLION. The results dont mean that much, it CAN be manipulated too. 

Once Leni becomes the President of the Philippines, the Filipinos who care for the Philippines should demand revoking th Pulse Asia’s license to operate.

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