Monday, April 19, 2021

A Filipino Karen tries to stop the community pantry operation

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

This should be tagged as "A Filipino Karen tries to stop the pantry operation" 

Marites is our Filipina ‘Karen’ who went out of her month-long quarantine just to report a long line of people who went out to get ayuda from a community pantry.

Inirereklamo ng isang residente ang mahabang pila sa Maginhawa Community Pantry dahil sa posibilidad na pagkalat ng COVID-19. 

People are hungry, Marites. A lenghty queue was inevitable. Social distancing would be missed. Though her concern is valid, people will risk getting infected than die of hunger staying at home.

May point naman si ate. Di naman sya kailangan ibash or pagbintangan na DDS agad. Point your blame sa government na hindi sinuportahan yung ganito kagandang cause by dispatching officers earlier to help with the surge of people. FREE FOOD yan so malamang dadagsain yan.

If there are people flocking in front of my house, I would be alarmed as well. Let us remember that Covid-19 is now known to be airborne and mass gatherings like this should be avoided at all cost. There should be a better way to subscribe to this project.

Kahit may face shield and masks and open area pa, let us not underestimate Covid because scary talaga. I don't understand why people are being vindictive towards the lady, She wasn't screaming or anything (at least based on the video). she was raising a valid point. 

Kaso some said wala siya sa lugar. Kung yan yong gusto niya, sana tumawag siya sa authorities para ma-assist yong magandang cause kaysa gumawa ng issue at LUMABAS AT NAKIPAG-AWAY. Oh sino ngayon ang ayaw mahawaan? Pwede naman no-contact/close proximity action ang gawin. Ang hilig talaga pumapel ng ilan sa atin.

There's nothing wrong with her suggestion. What's wrong is defending this woman's arrogance. If you even paid close attention, she was asking the staff for a permit. Like?

Obviously, she didn't check out other times where the PNP were assisting in implementing social distancing.

She's raising a valid point while breaking protocols herself?. Where's her face shield?

A valid point doesn't outweigh the needs of people who have no choice but to lineup for handouts. If you're saying minimum health standards is insufficient, should we then put all our lives on hold?

Mas meron ngang kaayusan ito eh kaysa pamimigay nang ayuda ng gobyerno. The only way to reduce the people in the area is for the government to provide genuine and effective distribution of the social amelioration.

These pantries exist because we are on autopilot mode na. The national government is incompetent since day 1 of this pandemic.

These pantries are doing a good job to help people, but there must be a better way to do it. The organizers need to find a way to create a better system to reduce the number of people in the area. 

But whatever. Give way na lang tayo sa kanyang moral high ground. Let's give Marites the "benefit of the doubt." LOL.

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