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Jamill: The Jayzam Manabat cheating issue

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Cheating is a choice and the sad part is that some people choose to get tempted by lust. Another destroyed relationship and broken trust.

“Cheating is not a part of “ups and downs” in a relationship. Cheating = end of relationship, no discussion.”  

How can people in a relationship cheat? It's inhumane. Welcome to another series of men are trash or si Jayzam at King Badger lang? 

I'm just so sad that Jayzam is literally cheating on Camille, and Camille still don't want to give up their relationship. I mean niloloko ka na oh? Andaming kalandian. If you think you can hold on to your relationship dahil may bahay kayo at pera. You're stupid af.

I thought this couple is for a lifetime. They already achieved many things together. They wouldn't succeed without one another. Tthey bought a great house and cars They got the family approval, their fans. They have EVERYTHING. It sucks how they can do the worst things to ruin what was best for them.

Jayzam made us think he's that type of person who would never cheat. From vlogs to how he treated the family, it's all perfect. 

Yung matinong lalaki sa social media pero manloloko ka in real life! Jayzam, grabe ka po!

Pero sabi nga nila, expect the unexpected. Sobrang sakit siguro ito para kay mareng Camille.

Bigay siguro ni jayzam yung mga necklace nila pare-pareho eh. Hindi na natakot sa cross. Yuck manloloko at mga kabit kadiri lang? Please girls huwag naman tayo papayag na other woman lang. at please boys grow the fuck up!

Camille did everything for Jayzam from the very start and look how it turns out, he still cheated on Camille. I'm worried about Camille's feeling and mental health right now. She's too soft and kind to experience this.

Akala ko isa lang yun pala APAT kaloka ah. Ang dami grabe... shit. Sana hindi na sila magkabalikan, kasi Camille for sure deserves someone better. Jayzam fooled us grabe.

Alam niyo yung pinaka masakit? For sure those girls know who he is. SIKAT SILANG MAG JOWA. Jusko. And they enjoyed cheating along with him. Maling mali. Sobrang mali.

Jayzam and Camille, sana ‘wag n’yong gawin content itong issue ha. Please lang.

If this is a prank, they are on the wrong route. And if this is all true, I feel sorry for Camille. Haay life. More money more problems.

Aba matinde. Nagawa pang mag-thank you Lord sa kabila ng nagawa niyang kalokahan! Hoy Jayzam! Parang sinasabi mo na yung Diyos ang nag udyok sa iyo para gumawa ng kasalanan tapos good luck ganern ba? 

Huwag naman niya sana idamay ang Diyos sa maling ginagawa niya.

After reading  the #jamillissue, women may be kinda scared of men, like after watching several vlogs of Jamill for the past few years, we saw how Jayzam's acted like a loyal and faithful boyfriend to Camille. Now he has a cheating issue. This makes my heart ache.

O baka naman ginagaya lang niya si Jon "King Badger" Gutierrez? For clout?

Cheating isn’t something you should be proud of. Imagine cheating on someone who is ready to spend their lifetime with you. What's disappointing is Jayzam always says that he’s against cheating. 

The saddest part is when you treated that person as your future, pero di pala ganun yong tingin sa'yo.

Camille probably didn’t see it coming. Cheaters have a special place in hell.

The real question it really happening?or are they just making up some issues to get more attention..galawang "famewhore"

But I don't think it's some kind of their marketing strategy, Camille mentioned a name, so maliwanag na hindi lang siya made up story.

Lets see kung anong mangyayari...For sure magsasama na lang ulit mga yan...for the sake of "vlogging money"....... Being an influencer sells if you know how to get the attention of the people.

Vlog is vlog pwede mo namang hindi ipakita ang lahat, pwede din fake ang lahat. Ang mga vlogger ay isa din sa mga magagaling na artista sa mundo ng social media. Magaling magpaikot ng ulo ng mga tao para mapanood lang content nila. Gagawin ang lahat para kumita.

We will never know. May dalawang klase, yung gagawin ang lahat para tuloy lang ang kita at yung itatago ang dapat itago para tuloy lang ang kita.

Inuuto lang ba tayo ng mga vloggers na ito para may issue, sumikat lalo, at hindi malaos. Tulad ni Zeinab noon, may issue third party. Yun pala, sila pa rin. Laos na kasi mga pranks kaya iyan naman issue para kumita sa YouTube. Easy money!

The Jayzam and Camille issue.

Camille has dropped pictures of Jayzam with his supposed "women" lol. Naghanap pala siya ng comfort. If your relationship is shaky, should you seek someone else for comfort? 

Is her stand for real? It’s sad to see women settle for this. Okay, forgive your man but stop dragging the other woman. Nah-ah. Wrong move, girl. If he’s in the right mind, he would choose to sit and talk with you rather than getting drunk and cheat. 

I'm not a fan of Jamill but observe how Jayzam treats Camille on cam as a loyal & responsible boyfriend while we don't know what's happening behind the camera. Camille deserves more I swear, she didn't see this coming and we didn't see this coming. Fuck off cheaters!

In this world full of Jolai and Jamill relationship, be the Cong and Viy's relationship. No issue. Their love is genuine. They're both happy and contented in life. They're both lucky to have each other. Cong and Viy are both loyal. 

However, every relationship was once like Congviy before they became Jamill or Jolai. Nakupo! Huling manok na natin si Cong. Kapag yan nagloko pa balakayojan.

Kapag siya ay nambabae, parang iisipin ko na talagang lahat ng lalaking vlogger ay manloloko.

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