Thursday, December 31, 2020

Duterte refuses to reveal usage of Intel funds to Congress

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President Rodrigo Duterte has vetoed about a dozen provisions of the 2021 national budget, including one that requires the executive branch to submit quarterly reports on the use of intelligence funds to Congress. 

Duterte refused to report to Congress how intelligence funds are being spent, saying that such reports should only be submitted to him.

Sus magtataka pa ba tayo? Yung funds nga ng pandemic hindi natin alam kung saan napupunta. Barya sa taong bayan, milyones sa bulsa nila.

Define TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY in the Duterte context. Obviously, he doesn't believe in these. He really believes that he is above the law, and immune to all rules and regulations. He and his men are exempted from following the law and become decent members of the society. 

The transparency of this admin is as clear as a murky water... full of well-fed crocodiles.

Ayaw niya ng corruption pero hindi naman transparent. NaDuterte ang mga DDS kaya lang nandamay pa. Magparehistro for 2022 election PEOPLE! This atrocities have to be stopped.

And who else would defend them but his paid supporters aka what he calls as "advocacy" groups which we all know as the troll farms.

Intel funds is his most lucrative racket obviously.  If he reveals where he is spending it he would be impeached faster than the cusswords he spits out per minute. And he is still answerable to Congress methinks.

So how are intelligence funds audited?’s supposed to be called “secret funds”?

Without transparency, one won’t be able to tell “national security spending” from “embezzlement”. There must be assurance in some other form rather than take his word for it.

So his men are also hiding by example. I mean leading ..... nag auto-correct. lol

Kung walang tinatago, ano ang kinakatakot?
Yan lagi bukang-bibig noon ng mga DDS. Bakit tahimik sila ngayon. Napaghahalata talaga.

For his eyes only, para hindi macompromise daw ang safety at security ng bansa....o ang budget for the trolls.

Maybe he wants to surpass the richest people in the Philippines. After his term...he can already buy the entire country! Dadaigin pa ang Marcos family.

Para din mga Chinese, magaling humawak ng pera. Naku ha... Mukhang sinasanay na tayo... Malapit na ba tayong maging Philippines, a province of China?

Pera ng taong bayan yan! Karapatan namin malaman kung saan niya ginagastos ang bawat sentimo...lalo't maraming nagugutom na Pilipino!

Gagamitin yan sa election campaign. Sisiguruhin nila na sila pa rin at kaalyado nila ang mananalo para tuloy pa rin  ang ligaya.

72.5B for COVID-19 vaccines but ONLY P2.5 B is guaranteed under the 2021 budget. The remaining 70B needs to be sourced from LOANS or EXCESS NON-TAX revenue collections.

Pero GUARANTEED ang P16.4 B for anti-insurgency & P9.5 B for CONFIDENTIAL & intelligence funds.

Ang galing!

Congress please overturn the veto. Questionable ang ganyang galawan.

Congress has enough ammunition to impeach Duterte, yet majority will not move in return for their share of the loot.

Kurap ng kurap ah! Di pa ba tuluyang pipikit! Daming magnanakaw sa gobyerno!

Reacting to the report, Senate Pres. Tito Sotto said:

"I may agree or disagree but if it involves national security, then I can see his point."

The DDS are saying mga tanga raw tayo na naglipana na naman. Hindi raw kasi natin naiintindihan na detrimental ito sa national security.....baka financial security ng nga buwaya.

I can’t wait for the next government. So tired of this f*cking administration.

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