Tuesday, December 29, 2020

#NoToVIPVaccination: Dapat ang mayor muna ang mauna?

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Instead of prioritizing the safety and security of vulnerable groups and healthcare workers in the Philippines, the government chose to vaccinate their soldiers and Cabinet officials firsthand.

#NoToVIPVaccination trends because government violates the law, disregards the people’s welfare, and prioritizes VIPs yet again. 

Food and Drugs Administration Director-General Eric Domingo said his agency has yet to authorize any vaccine for use in the country, and it is illegal to import and administer unlicensed drugs. 

Regardless if the vaccine is approved or not, the government, still, had the guts to hide this “priority” vaccination from THE PEOPLE. 

All throughout this pandemic, Duterte exhibited his epic uselessness and inutility. He is consistent in exploiting COVID-19 to perpetuate his reign of plunder and corruption.

"I don’t think there’s anything wrong about that. There is no law that says you cannot take any medicine or vaccine that FDA has not approved," Tito Sotto.

"Last I recall, there is even no law vs. suicide. So, what's the fuss?" he added. 

There is a law HOWEVER that says you CANNOT prescribe any medicine or vaccine that FDA has not approved.

Also, the fuss is the sheer UNFAIRNESS of it all.

"Uulitin pa ba natin ang ganitong set of politicians next term?"

Hanggang may mga die-hard supporters of these politicians, sadly, they will still have a seat in the government.

The priorities really jumped out. Fascists protecting the fascists. There's nothing good we can expect from this administration up until the very last days of this year. These unfair and unethical acts will be happening until 2022. 

This whole thing stinks. It involves public officials, using vaccines that did not have FDA approval, hence likely smuggled into the country, whose use is not FDA-approved, and whose announcement reeks of neglect of the people.

Sinovac or not, it's f*cking horrendous how the ruling class would prioritize themselves and their armed thugs in vaccination after telling the rest of us to go DIE for the economy the past few months and leaving us with just a few thousand pesos to live with.

My mental health is acting up right now because of this news. I can't avoid this kind of topic. I feel like we need to voice out our concerns. If we can't rally at least make this trend. Our GOVERNMENT is putting us in danger. 

This is why they don't want the travel ban, they are already protected. F*cking pieces of shit. In addition na di natin alam mamaya may kickback yang mga yan sa mga medical supplies and other stuff used to supply our hospitals!

Waiting for the new strain to hit the country before enforcing travel ban because they got themselves vaccinated already... So are they trying to run an effectivity testing to it now?

History is bound to repeat itself, and time and time again the Duterte regime has shown ineptitude in delivering health-based solutions to contain the pandemic. 

While our healthcare workers are being denied of accessible & efficient vaccines, the militaries are being prioritized.

Wala pa rito yung usapin ng salary and bonus na nareceive.

Just as how they want to preserve social inequalities, they also want this virus to stay.

This government, being self-serving more than ever, will consciously deny our HCW and vulnerable groups immediate access to efficient vaccines.

My hope for this country is getting dimmer and dimmer every day.

The real heroes are being treated like beggars for proper treatment, benefits and compensations. My expectations were low, but I thought that the clowns of this circus should've known better. 

What an insult to doctors and nurses that are non-stop working just to help everyone?! Parang basura lang ang trato sa mga medical workers dito sa Pilipinas.

Doctors and nurses are dying, and the first group of people to have the vaccines administered to are these trigger-happy murdering cunts.

Our government is really something. They think there are smart and wise, but THEY ARE STUPID. I hope they woke up and realize that there is something wrong going on in their heads. Brains need to be checked,  at least vaccine their brains. 

We should stop serving elite people this "special service" and be equal with one another. 

"There's no more money for vaccines", while there are budget increases for the AFP and the rabid red-tagging machine, the NTF-ELCAC.

19.1 BILLION for the NTF-ELCAC's generals to enjoy. That's enough for 5 MILLION Filipinos to be vaccinated.

Even though we demand for this one (the hashtag), we all know that it's gonna happen. We're just clowning ourselves.

We all have the receipts and proofs. No more explanations or talks. 

We're tired of it. 


Cover illustration: Alay Sining Fine Arts

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