Monday, December 28, 2020

Wonder Woman 84 wasted 2.5 hours of my life

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I grew up with Wonder Woman (WW) comics and series, and I enjoyed the first movie. The second movie? I’m sad to announce that I'm disappointed. 

The first fifteen minutes was good then it went downhill. Plot holes, incorrect bias, token feminism, forced romance and undermining WW’s growth.

It's arguably the Cinematic Exemplar of 2020: #WonderWoman84. Not only is the plot incomprehensible, the acting laughable, but aside from Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter, everyone else should have been fired. A wondrously bad movie.

The only good scenes are Diana learning how to make a jet invisible and the Lynda Carter cameo at the end of the movie. 

The special appearance of Lynda Carter as Asteria saved the overall crappy movie.

Is Lynda Carter coming back as Wonder Woman in the upcoming DCEU movie ''The Flash''? It is indeed good news that the 68 year old actress will be returning to the DC Universe after 4 decades.

Warning, Spoilers ahead:

Watched the 2.5 hours of #WonderWoman1984 last night and it was not what I expected from a Warner Brothers movie. It felt more like a TV series.

The story has a lot of loopholes or unexplained situations and many scenes were stretched too much it got boring. The appearance of the actual Cheetah and her defeat was not at all satisfying. It's the same experience with the main villain. 

That scene when the main villain, Maxwell Lord, wished he would be the dream stone itself, I was expecting him turning into a stone. lol.

Having something taken from you by force in exchange of a wish was never established so I was surprised the main villain was capable of doing them.

In short, the movie just states that all our fervent wishes come at a price of having to sacrifice something else in exchange....and Wonder Woman was not really needed in the movie but just someone who understands how to manipulate human emotions to renounce their desires and just settle for what we have achieved.

This could have been because of the pandemic. The production had very troubled scheduling and opportunity to.polish the story and shots. Thus the end result is like a jigsaw puzzle that which parts were done by different people making the pieces awkward unfit for each other.

Honestly, I got bored to sleep.... exaggerating if I said death because I'm still alive to tell about it. When I woke up, the crap of a movie was still not over. It's like 2020's string of bad luck.

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