Monday, September 21, 2020

#SolidDDS is a Cult, #ManilaBayChallenge Used to Humor Them

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If I have a land and would like to make it ideal for gardening, I won't be buying a huge amount of soil from somewhere else so I could bury my land. Instead I will cultivate my land. It goes the same for other forms of nature, like a river, or a "bay."

For Manila Bay, the shores are littered with garbage because the garbage from the bay are washed towards land. Where did the garbage came from? The people throw their garbage out either directly or indirectly to the bay. Every piece of cigarette butt, candywrapper, baby diaper, coffee or shampoo sachet, milk tea cup or softdrink bottle, etc., that we dispose of improperly could end up somewhere including the Manila Bay. You may dredge that bay everyday, or beautify a portion of it by "Imeldific" ways, but if the littering won't end, the pollution won't end as well. You'll just be wasting taxpayers' money with your endless coastal cleanup and rehabilitation if you don't include a stronger campaign against littering especially from the huge industrial factories and plants.

In short, address the real cause of the problem.

I know it's not directly their job to tell people not to throw away their garbage, but it is also not their job to beautify a place with make-up or cosmetics.

The DENR should know better that their ostentatiously extravagant, sometimes to the point of vulgarity, methods is superficial and ironically not the right move of an agency that was built to care for the welfare of the environment and natural resources.

The #ManilaBayChallenge was meant to humor those who believe that the very expensive and inappropriately-timed-during-a-pandemic synthetic white sand or dolomite beach project, (at just an itsy bitsy portion of Manila Bay), is worthy of praise.

I believe most of the people were there out of curiosity and nothing more. The government announced it and so the people thought it was safe to go out. It isn't everyday that the government violates one of its own health and safety protocols - "going out only for work or necessities." If I wasn't busy in Montalban during those weekend, I would also be there to document how some people react to this scam.

We've further seen how senseless this government is when they invited and let a crowd gather also forgetting about "stay at home,"  and the social distancing protocol. It's like the pandemic is really nothing but a "scamdemic."

Gising na bago pa bangungutin!

Kung sabagay, mahirap gisingin ang nagtutulug-tulugan, lalo na kapag tatanga-tanga!

I don't trust people who can never criticize the people they admire.

That's not admiration. That's cult worship.

Only a #SolidDDS can try their best of the best to be witty, 

And still see themselves so stupid, effortlessly.

Truth is a matter like plasma very essential to everyday life, equality charged and illuminates.. 

Light can't pass through solids, they only cause darkness

To be a #SolidDDS is really like being in a cult. They are fed lies over lies. They need to believe that black is white and to say otherwise means you’re the odd one, the wrong one. They are promised false hopes because they are desperate, hurt. They need help.

Filipinos tend to forget history. That's what Imeldific did before. Takpan ang mga pangit na tanawin at palitan ng pinaganda ng cosmetic to distract the masa of the real problem. 

You don't need to be a #SolidDDS or dilawan to know the negative effects of dolomite mining to make #ManilaBayWhiteSand beach. Destroy Mother Nature to create fake nature? Destroy the provinces to make Metro Manila beautiful? No way! 

Manila Bay Beautification is not an achievement. It's a distraction from the REGIME's missteps & failures to contain COVID19 pandemic; a business transaction that will line the pockets of TraPos: & an environmental trainwreck waiting to happen.

Beautification of a small strip is not an achievement. 99% of the shoreline remains dirty and stinky and the water remains bad.

More of a liability than an asset, this Manila bay sands. Even BFAR findings are questionable.

"We just can't hide the real environmental issue confronting the Manila Bay. The dumping of  dolomite sand just focuses on its aesthetic appearance rather than the real and sustainable rehabilitation. We may fast track the rehabilitation by a cover up of the existing problem, but nature will always uncover the reality and its hidden dangers. It is! and it surely will."

DDS: *tries to make #SolidDDS trend*

Normal and functioning Filipinos: *takes over the hashtag and turns the situation around*

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