Friday, September 25, 2020

#JailVitoGumban is trending in the Philippines

Wazzup Pilipinas!

To think that this kind of news suddenly got unearthed, it sounded surreal and so strange like its an unusual thing to even happen.

Despite the rush of wanting him to rot in jail, please do not let your emotions cloud your judgement. He still must face investigation and fair trial. He must be given that, or we will just be like him, violators of the law we ought to uphold and protect. 

Calling out all learning institutions to please do better in educating your students about sex especially about consent.

I hope the university treats this case with the same or greater importance as martial law rallies, corruption, and violations that wreck the school name.

This case may question the effectivity of the schools teachings and it's application to real life.

I believe this is a must kasi hindi lang si Vito ang ganitong tao sa mundo, there are a whole lot more.

I know the trauma that almost all of the victims have and still experiencing. No human deserves to be used for sexual pleasure and harassed. 

To the victims of this Vito Gumban, the commission of the consummated rape is difficult to prove. However, if you’ll stand as a witness collectively, I don’t think he can get away with this.

This goes to all boys, girls, gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer: if you feel that you're being used, harrassed, threatened, raise your voices, let your voice be heard, you deserve to be treated like kings and queens and not to be threatened by anyone. Please don't be scared to tell your stories, marami kayong kakampi.

No one ever deserves to be abused or harassed and Sexual assault is NEVER the survivor’s fault. No one asks to be sexually assaulted by what they wear, say or do. Only the perpetrator is to blame! RAPE is RAPE.

You can’t just “forget it” or just move on. Recovery is a fucking long term process and each individual moves at their own pace, like it takes a lot of courage for a survivor to share their experience.

If you don't know Vito Gumban's issues of rape and harassment, he is a student from Ateneo de Naga University. Eventhough you're not an Atenean, show support to the victims and for him to be accountable for what he did.

To those motherfvcker manipulative and manyakis "sadbois" out there, mae-expose din kayo. 

Rape can't be done alone, he had support or backers (other rapists or just neutral peeps) who knows but opted to be content with just being silent. Apathetic motherfuckers.

Sexual harassment and rape isn't an issue that should be ignored. The trauma is something so heavy, something a victim would carry for the rest of their lives.

This mf has also been spreading n*des of girls he have been with.

This whole movement or whatever this is is NOT exclusive to women. This is to ALL genders, sexes, or pretty much ANYBODY. Misandry isn't okay as much as misogyny isn't. Still fighting.

Hope all of your boners are worth the time you spend in jail, not to mention the way inmates will rape you when they learn about your charges.

Women are NOT sex objects you can just manipulate to feed your disgusting whims.  

I hope you learn that when you’re out of jail, you fucking rapist.

Sending hugs to all women involved. I hope you get the justice you deserve. I genuinely hope you have a good day today, thank you for speaking up.

Graduate Batch 2020:

Your diploma does not equate your worth as a person, trained nurses killed babies in the concentration camps during WW2, and now an educated fellow who studied ethics from parents and school raped/s people and enjoyed/s it.

These rape cases made me believe in heaven and hell again, cus I know Satan be getting a new devil and God's gonna tell a random guy to build a boat. 

Noah gets the ark.


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