Monday, September 21, 2020

'Rape is not a joke' trends as fans of Liza Soberano lash out at employees of Converge

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'Rape is not a joke' trends as fans of Liza Soberano lash out at employees of Converge over alleged rape remark against the actress.

Liza Soberano reacts on employees of Converge over alleged rape remark against the actress.

"Don’t worry we won’t let this one pass. They know my address." Liza Soberano

First Michela Miranda exposing confidential client info, now Melissa Olaes wishing rape on that same client. Both from the same effing company. Double whammy na si Converge sa pagkakarroon ng shitty employees. What are we gonna do about this?

I take huge offense when I hear people belittling rape and abuse as humor. I thought we are already at a time where people are more aware of this issue pero ang masakit pa, nanggaling sa babae pa “ang sarap ipa-rape”

It is a serious matter asking for someone to rape Liza Soberano for her because of a complaint on her internet connection.

It is a threat for the actress  and for her safety.

Rape is not a joke!

Bad customer service, data privacy violation, and ngayon sana 'wag na palampasin to.

You're a woman, and you want someone to be raped? what on earth happened to your humanity to want someone to be raped? This comment of yours disrespect the victims of sexual harassment who can't speak because of trauma and fear. 

RAPE IS NOT A JOKE and it will never be.

Converge Sales Head Personnel Melissa Olaes wished someone to be raped because that someone complained about the poor service of Converge. 

Speak out against rape. 

“Our silence on threats of sexual violence tells us what is acceptable.” 

Converge should conduct trainings regarding GMRC and Professionalism. Big yikes Melissa Olaes !!! RAPE IS NOT A JOKE

Unprofessional employees of @Converge_CSU 

Michael Maquiran

Badette Fumudulan Salanio

Melissa Olaes

Stop with that “she mentioned no one naman” shit, it isn’t a free pass to defend someone’s statement to joke about rape and wishing someone to be raped.

You know the world's effed up is when you get comments like these on Melissa Olaes' rape "joke." Dimwits don't get it that names must not be mentioned for the act to be disgusting and dangerous. Trash really does attract all sorts of insects.  

Filipino these days! We got RAPE IS NOT A JOKE and Xyriel Manabat trending at the same time because Filipino men, and women, are trash and rape jokes and threats are so normalized that even the President has one of them.

There's no way that this issue will not reflect on your company. Hold your employees accoubtable and take responsibility. 

If they have the audacity to do this to a public figure, what more to regular people/subscribers? 

They should've apologized instead of mocking their customers!

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