Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ombudsman Samuel Martires restricts public access to SALNs of public officials

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"Ombudsman Samuel Martires issues memo dated September 1 restricting the public's access to SALN of public officials by requiring a "requester" to secure consent of the public official who owns such SALN 

Unbelievable: Ombudsman Martires defends restriction: SALNs are weaponized

Under Ombudsman Martires, no lifestyle checks, less criminal treatment of cases.

Ombudsman Martires floated the possibility of abolishing the Office of the Ombudsman over witnesses' refusal to testify vs. corrupt officials in the same forum where he is asking Congress to restore the Ombudsman's office's proposed 2021 budget of P4.6 billion. 

"Witnesses refusing to testify? Might as well abolish Ombudsman", Martires says."

To recall, the 2018 SALN of key government officials, including President Duterte, was not released. When asked for it, Ombudsman Samuel Martires told interested parties last year to "course these requests directly to the offices of the officials concerned." 

May pakawala na naman ang gobyernong ito?

Yes, the SALN is a weapon. It is the people's weapon against graft and corruption. The Ombudsman is suppose to fight for the people. Why does it seem like they are more about protecting government officials than the people's interest? Sino pa matatakbuhan ng taong bayan?

The SALNs were designed to identify unexplained wealth that government employees usually gain from illegal transactions. If you take away the freedom to check the SALNs, then free na to accumulate ill-gotten wealth ang mga corrupt government officials.

"There can be no faith in government if our highest offices are excused from scrutiny - they should be setting the example of transparency." 

Dear Ombudsman Martires, show me a government employee who can afford a BMW from a 50k salary, and I will show you snake oil that can cure COVID.

Sa BIR daw meron, mga naka bagong SUVs na employees pero hindi naman 6 digits ang sahod.

Kaya nga may SALN, di ba? Its not about simple living its about living beyond your means. Kung may LV bag ka at afford mong magtravel sa London at maghotel dun ng isang linggo pero according sa SALN mo eh 2m lang assets mo saan mo kinuha pambili mo at pangtravel?

Milyon ba per meal? Sobrang tipid yan pg twice a day meal. Garapalan na tong appointee ni Duterte?!

Bakit ba Itong administration na ito masyado defensive sa SALN. Halata masyado na mga guilty sila.

Ironically..tinangap pa niya puwesto eh gusto din naman pala niya mabuwag.

And they’re afraid of uncovering what’s important under checks and balances.

What a hypocrite this Martires is! He along with other ambitious CJ wannabes persecuted & bullied CJ Sereno on an irrelevant missing 1980's SALN when she was just teaching at UP. I wonder how Conchita Morales will react to this.

May we remind everyone that Ombudsman Samuel Martires is one of the justices who voted for the quo warranto petition against CJ Sereno that targeted her missing SALN as reason for ousting and invalidating her appointment. Pakihanap nga ang prinsipyo? Hindi ko makita!

I am in awe! What are they hiding?

Kapag maraming tinatago, maraming dahilan?

From Tanodbayan to Tanghodbayan?

Is he paving the easy way out for corrupt government officials including the Duterte clan from any possible graft & plunder charges?

Martires reiterates he wants to create a separate bureau for administrative cases. The aim is to have less criminal treatment of cases, especially small ones. Martires also says cases with no admin liability should not proceed to criminal trial. 

Martires says so many cases reach Sandiganbayan like failure to liquidate for an amount that has already been liquidated. "Para saan pang pahihirapan natin sila ng dalawang beses, this is a form of harassment vs public officials," said Martires. 

"Ang batas ba natin ay masyadong harsh na para sa maliit na pagkakamali dapat kang ikulong?" said Martires.

You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide. But here you are, using relativism on what is clearly wrong.

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