Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Senator Cynthia Villar is Trending Again Due to No Good Reasons

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Whenever Cynthia Villar is trending, you know she has said something terrible.

Hahahha when I saw her sa list, I was like "Ano na naman kaya sinabi ni Tita Cynthia?" “Tang*na, ano na naman kahayupan ang entry mo this time!?”

I was like LMAO, the word "greediness" suits so well; she's a politician who cares nothing for the countrymen, but only for wealth and properties. imagine, mali raw na hindi iconvert ang farmlands to infrastructures for the economy? LOL

And those are the statements caught on video or radio ..... if there's a 24/7 feed from her mouth , she will be trending everyday.

Mabuti nga siguro kung salita lang, e paano na kung may ginawa/ginagawa/gagawin na terrible?

Senator Cynthia Villar lambasted Philippine Carabao Center executive Arnel del Barrio when she found out that the total milk production of the country did not even reach at least 1 percent of the demand in 2018, 28 years after the agency's establishment.

The best carabaos in the Philippines can give 7 liters of milk in a day. Average ones, only 3 liters a day.

Senator Cynthia Villar became upset when she learned that cows in Israel can yield 40 liters of milk in a single day.

She manages to say something offensive literally everytime she opens her mouth.

Yes, of course. making a suicide joke for the people who was neglected by the law and abused by the people like you. Cynthia Villar isn't at all vile and guillotine-worthy.

Being a failure or failing on something should not warrant a suicide attempt. But you, a Senator, actually encouraged that idea. The mental health profession are struggling already to remove the stigma on different mental health problems. How dare you Cynthia Villar.

Encouraging people to commit suicide for what she believed in as a failure performance? I think she should practice what she preaches since of all the Senators, the least performing could be her. Can we also call the attention of the President?

Senator Cynthia Villar said it is wrong to say that farmlands should not be converted to build houses or factories as these are also necessary for the country’s economy.

Uy pasimpleng tanggol sa conflict of interest ng mga subdibisyones niya oh.

You say there's nothing wrong with farmlands being converted because it's good for the economy? Are you sure it's not because it's good for Vista Land?

And the Villars offer the farmers who own the land so little for their farmlands. To a farmer, anything more than 100k would seem like a big amount.

I fucking cried at this. Farmers are so important yet our government treats them like trash.

Our Agrarian Reform needs so much work done though. Our farmers are unproductive compared to the rest of the world. Small farmers below 2ha cannot compete because farming now needs tech and capital. Just watch how the Dutch became one of the largest food exporters.

Those farmlands could’ve been more useful if farmers are given the right support/incentives. Maybe we wouldn’t need to import rice and the young gen will have more interest in Agri.
The same logic of Cynthia should be used for land conversions. Why can't housing and factories be more efficient to occupy less land? Stop blaming agriculture. It employs 2/3 of the population.

Converting farmlands into factories, malls, and subdivisions as a new modus of landlords to secure power among themselves while the farmers remain landless and powerless.

Cynthia Villar is the embodiment of what I think is capitalism. Defending the conversion of farmlands into factories and houses to help the economy. I'm pretty sure it helps rich corporations such as hers but how about the poor farmers that they unfairly bought their lands?

She could also argue that the middle class will benefit by opening up job opportunities. but no I see it as hiring people to make you rich while the middle class is just getting a bit of that profit. How about the poor who didn't have that opportunity of tenure? They get poorer.

Sorry for being Marxist and all but you are that ideological superstructure that enforces this ideology - that your actions are of the good of the country in mind but is actually born of disgusting greed and in the endless insatiable pursuit of power.

I hope that someday she will learn the human suffering she has caused. "Get off your high horse, you prick!"

The history of the Philippines is a history of land grabbing.

Cynthia Villar's shameless defense of the conversion of agriculture lands into subdivisions is an insult not just to Filipino farmers but to the Filipino struggle to be free.

Why does she even chair the Agrarian Reform and Environment;
and the Agriculture and Food in the Philippines Senate when these areas are clearly in conflict with her family’s business?

She is not only shameless but unethical and the other members of the Philippines Senate enabled her by consenting to her obvious strategic positioning.

How much did Villar donate to the campaign and election of Duterte?

Hmm. There is so much disgruntlement across social media against Cynthia Villar as a senator AND YET she was the TOP 1 SENATOR in the 2019 elections.

Could we be speaking in echo chambers? If you haven't yet, take your dissatisfaction to the polls and register to vote!

Cynthia Villar doesn't care for the people, all she wants is a good business deal. Pustahan pa.

Wow. I mean, our expectations for Cynthia Villar is already that low but somehow, SOMEHOW, she even made it lower. I don't know how she does it but I applaud the commitment.

When Cynthia Villar isn't reprimanding poor Pinoys for being poor, minimizing the hard work & sacrifices of nurses & frontliners during this pandemic, or justifying the conversion of farmlands into residential areas—she is busy coming up w/ another way to showcase her stupidity.

There is not enough $$$ in the world to buy Cynthia Villar even a modicum of class, integrity, or respect.

If you ever feel dumb, just remember that a whole-ass Cynthia Villar exists. She is like the Buknoy Glamurrr of the senate. She’s such a dumbass, like she’s literally a walking broom sweeping up a storm of stupidity.

I just realized if Hogwarts has Dolores Umbridge, Philiipine government has Cynthia Villar. But it's an unfair comparison. Objectively speaking, may itsura si Umbridge. Yung isa kasi parang creature sa Forbidden Forest. Lol.

If we stop giving her clout, mag-reresign ba siya?

Seriously, please hire the best team that could rehabilitate your greedy, tone-deaf, & "matapobre" image.

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