Thursday, September 3, 2020

MTRCB wants to regulate Netflix and other VOD Platforms

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The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) eyes regulation of films and TV series on Netflix and other video-on-demand platforms.

MTRCB tells senators they want to regulate content on Netflix, other video streaming services.

"Stream services like Netflix are video-on-demand platforms. We have to regulate those platforms. We have to ensure that those materials being shown on those platforms are compliant with MTRCB laws," MTRCB Legal Affairs Division chief Jonathan Presquito said.

MTRCB is really pushing Filipinos to watch on pirated sites instead. As if regulating Netflix would stop these people from searching on illegal sites or torrents. Either they're stupid or bored out of their minds to suggest this.

It is such a useless, obsolete organization. Good luck trying to watch the tens of thousands of hours of content on Netflix alone.

Coincidence bang gusto ng MTRCB na i-regulate ang internet based media content now that ABS-CBN has fully made its platform online (Youtube and iWant-TFC)?

Shut the f*ck up whoever the f*ck you are. Your f*cking dumb ass has zero jurisdiction over the Internet. And if we’re talking about MTRCB laws, then ban the senile president from ever talking on TV.

Try rating and regulating first yung "the late night PDuts show" balita ko maraming inappropriate content and curses doon.

They have no respect for the intelligence of subscribers to determine what is good or immoral content. If they overdo their mandate, they should pay for our subscriptions.

We pay for the service. We, the subscribers, have full control of what we want the people in our households to see.  Having the MTRCB regulate it for us is curbing our rights as consumers.

The more prudent initiative would be to rate, not regulate. My generation of MTRCB Board Members were cognizant of the dangers of censorship. That’s why the rating system was established. We aimed to guide, not impose.

FYI MTRCB, if you're asking if they are "compliant", they have Parental Controls and have pin code system for profiles ages 18 below. Also, we are paying them and we can't control the Producer's or director's vision on the series or film.

If anything, this highlights how irrelevant and obsolete the MTRCB is. It remains Marcos-Era nonsense designed for censorship, and it should have been abolished long ago.

Reminder that MTRCB wants to use OUR taxpayer money to police and censor Netflix content. YouTube nga hindi kaya i-moderate ang entire platform nila. I don't see why rules will apply to Netflix but not YouTube or FB video streaming.

Just a reminder that the MTRCB was created by Marcos as a tool for censorship. It is a political entity. Many film/ TV industries self-regulate, and they don’t let the government do it for them (like the USA). It’s possible. In the Philippines for example, advertising self-regulates.

Basically, abolish the MTRCB. We don’t need them.

F*cking bimbos ruining everything. They’re getting stupid by the day.

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