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Jeff Bezos is now worth $200 billion

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Jeff Bezos is now worth $200 billion while millions of Americans can’t afford to put food on the table or pay their rent.

No single person should hold this amount of wealth during a time of widespread suffering.

We must tax the rich and #MakeBillionairesPay.

How is being a billionaire morally wrong? The most important innovations wouldn't be possible if not for the huge accumulations of wealth. We're literally using a platform that's created by a billionaire. Should there be a standard limit on "hoarding" wealth? How does that affect someone on the lower end of society? Is that a limiting factor in one's earning ability?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been the richest person on Earth for a while, but his fortunes recently rose to new heights, at worth $200,000,000,000.

But let's stop glorifying billionaires and millionaires. Having this kind of wealth is morally wrong. Ilan ang namatay at namamatay para "makarating" sila dyan. One individual should not have this much money.

LMAO, that's capitalism. Should consider other types of government systems that spread the wealth more equally such as socialism, communism, etc.

US capitalism now: many millions unemployed; vast small, medium firms bankrupt; debt-ridden workers, students.

But Jeff Bezos grabs, keeps $200 billion for himself. An obscenely immoral system.

It’s not only morally wrong but it halts economies. Our current economic systems are based on spending money or allocation of resources. If all wealth in the world are only concentrated to a few, economies will come to a stop because people don’t have enough money to spend. It should be illegal for any one person or family accumulating and HOARDING extreme amounts of wealth.

Bezos exploits his workers and underpays them. He takes the value of their labor while leaving the workers starving. Nagprotesta uli mga manggagawa sa US laban sa kanya. Imagine underpaid sila $15/hr wage, pero lalo pa mga workers ng Amazon sa ibang bansa tulad dito satin at sa mga provincial sites, roughly $2/hr lang ang sweldo.

According to pretty much every publisher I know Jeff Bezos is personally responsible for the destruction of the book industry. They can no longer pay most authors anything as it all gets squeezed by Amazon.

And the amazing thing is that almost all the money that would be going to authors, who mostly could actually use it, just goes to Bezos personally, so he can say "look! I have another 10 billion! Oh! And another 10 billion!" He doesn't even use it.

It's like stealing candy from babies and not even eating it. In practice, we seem to have created a world so perverse that denying creative people any benefit from their creation is an end in itself. You do it so as to revel in your very power to do so.

Capitalism has brought art to a crisis point.  Cinema has it worse because it is so young that it was literally born into this economic system.  The dollar is choking to death true artistic expression.

My faith in the enduring tenacity of the creative spirit to push through adversity, no matter what, allows me to view so-called 'crises' as 'opportunities' (I know that sounds motivational speaker!). But cheap kit & open source etc means we can all make films in our bedrooms now.

Crowd-funding & Kickstarter etc, far more accessible & less demeaning than kissing producers' backsides & whoring for product placement just to cover 10 mins analog colour stock & processing.
Worldwide distribution on WWW is crazy easy to achieve, even if rewards for most small.

The internet overall has been more of a force for good in this area, though even there we can see the system constantly trying to turn it against us (censorship, zealous IP enforcement, etc.). The battle right now is intense.

It will get more indie & liberated as a reaction, espesh now big video projectors are getting so affordable.

While digi-cams cheapish since 1990s, & editing setups for last 20 years, projectors for room showing stayed out of reach.
A new era of film clubs & indie cinemas beckons!

This is a picture of Jeff Bezos when started Amazon.

He just became the first person with a net worth of $200 billion.

It doesn’t matter where you start.

You can accomplish anything.

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