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Ron Perlman For Horror and Sci-fi Movie Lovers

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Horror and action films are a big market in the Philippines as well as in other parts of Asia. Asians are always looking for great stories with power packed acting. We always seek for something unique and that is found in the Hollywood setting, well aside from watching local Pinoy horror action drama film, which is quite very far when it comes to global cinematography and quality. In this articIe I am only writing about Ron Perlman and some of his best works.

Ron Perlman is an American TV, film, Theatre and voice actor, popularly known for Hellboy. He played the Hellboy in Hellboy and Hellboy2 sequel. He played Amoukar in Quest of Fire, way back in 1981. His role as Vincent in TV series Beauty and the Beast was highly acclaimed. The series Beauty and the Beast even won the Golden globe award.

It is difficult when you have to write about only a few movies of an actor who has probably done 90+ movies. Here is a list of my most favorite of Ron Perlman Movies.

1.      Hell Boy 2 - Perlman joined Guillermo del Toro for another round of supernatural fun — and while the original Hellboy, this was four years after the first Hellboy movie.

Hell boy earned decent reviews, however the sequel was an even better and bigger winner. You will love Hellboy II for its thrills  and unique Del Toro visual style. The movie is about a wae between humans and the elves. While the release coincided with The Dark Knight and Iron Man, the movie still earned over $160 million at the BOx office.

2.      Pacific Rim-  If you like watching Sci-fi action you will love Pacific Rim. The movie is based on monstrous creatures known as Kaiju, that came from the sea. To fight the Kaiju, Humans developed giant, enormous robots called Jaegers that are designed to be piloted by two humans together in a neural bridge. Ron Perlman plays a very different yet interesting role of Hannibal Chau, a smuggler of exotic animals and their organs. Chau operates anonymously and continues to harvest body parts from dead Kaijus.

3.      Hell Boy- His performance in Hellboy 2004/2008 was amazing - Imagine that large red skinned adult with a tail, cut horn and smoking fictional superhero created by writer artist Mike Mignola. Hellboy was sent from Hell to Earth as a baby by Nazi occultists. A demon look- alike with ironic sense of humor.

4.      Blade 2- Again a Del Toro and Ron Perlman movie that you shouldn’t miss. A 2002 Hollywood release, it is a superhero film based on Blade, a fictional character from Marvel comics.  In Blade 2, Blade is looking for his mentor who is said to have been dead in an attack by Deacon Frost and his vampires. He was however turned into a vampire and not killed. Ron Perlman plays Dieter Reinhardt in the movie, he is  a member of the Bloodpack, who is typically against Blade for some reason.

5.      Cronos - Cronos is Guillermo del Toro's first feature film, and also the first of many films on with Perlman.  It is a Mexican Horror film that was released in 1993. Very interesting plot where an antique dealer discovers 450 years old object that makes him healthy and youthful. The real story begins when an old affluent businessman and sends his nephew ( Ron Perlman) to get this object. If you like horror movies, don’t miss Cronos!

To sum things up, if vampires, super powers and horror are your things when you look for entertainment, then these are some real cool movies that you should watch.  Just like when you think about action Ethan Hunt and James Bond comes into your mind as a great brand. But if you are thinking about horror action drama  then Guillermo Del Toro -Ron Perlman duo comes to the top of my list.

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