Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Duterte Suspends Abrogation of Visiting Forces Agreement

Wazzup Pilipinas!

PH suspends abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) upon the instructions of President Duterte.

The US didn't call the bluff. Philippines folds. US wins the pot.

Our foreign policy mirrors pretty much everything this administration exemplies, discombobulation.

Why the change of heart? The govt was fuming mad months ago on this and now it gets suspended. Laban, bawi!

Laban laban bawi bawi, iyak na bato, wala na talagang pag asa us visa mo, di bale sarap naman ng buhay mo. Yan ang resulta ng desisyong hindi pinag-isipan. As usual.

Nakakatawa itong complete indecision from MALALAcaƱan pero still a better news because it supports PH sovereignty versus that politically and ill-motivated anti-terror bill.

Natauhan si PRRD? He should realize that the US cannot be threatened! We need them especially during trying times.

According to SFA Locsin the suspension of the termination of the VFA was brought about by recent development around the world especially in the Asian region. Duterte finally realized that terminating VFA is a bad decision and will not benefit our country. Another thing was, he finally realized that Bato is not worth dying for as he was hybernating during our trying times. light of political developments.. as if this will go away after 6 months, now it becomes obvious who needs who more even after the macho posturing and bravado of our political-defense leaders, urong sulong talaga tayo.

So it's duterte who blinks first, US  calls your bluff, and whose on the loosing end in the bargaining table than the Philippines, please be informed in case your not aware US is 1st in superpower countries and pH is third world country, as such should behave as one. Make no mistake US has only friendly compassion on us and still continue to send covid aid despite VFA cancellation. Trump just shrug off his shoulders and this saved a lot of money. But the suspension is for 6 months only and extendible for another 6 months - looks like though has clipped it's wings but still has ego left and raises head up high, as if awaiting for Trump to open its fold for a prodigal son return. No way, if you want US support you have to earn it. Duterte just playing pure and simple game of diplomatic immaturity. It's a no no to diplomatic protocols not unless abrogation was a result of our unforseen domestic statutory errors like what is now pending in the supreme court the Senate questioning the validity of the abrogation without Senate concurrence. The duterte admin is on a balancing act between his bff and US support which we badly need now but China is not in a situation to extend as it has pretty tight financial future with expected corporate exodus of china-base foreign firms leaving China for other stable and healthy neighboring environs. In terms of foreign policy formulation duterte is worst ever and this suspension is just the tip of the iceberg of his face saving remedy. From here I'll adopt a wait and see attitude for his admin next move.

Haaay. Ang gobyernong walang paninindigan. Nagmumukha tuloy katawa tawa. Kung di pala kaya panindigan, sana di nalang nag termintae ng VFA. Stupid.

Malamang heto script ng mga DDS "Ang tibay talaga ni Tatay Digong, biruin nyo sinuka na nya tas kinain ulit para lang  maisalba ang VFA sa pagitan ng Pilipinas at Amerika, love na love ka namin talaga Tatay Digong!"

It's all because we have the most immature and so sensitive president.. He made our country a big joke! Who's laughing now??

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