Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The dual citizenship of Lopez makes him unfit to run a media outfit

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Being both American and Filipino already makes Gabby Lopez unfit to own a media outfit.

Dual citizenship is like having two homes. You'll need to take care of both thus dividing your attention, budget, preferences, etc.

A media outfit, being a political tool as well since their services can be bought in the form of ads or commercials, or biased guesting and other promotional advantages, is too powerful to be controlled by somebody who can readily switch sides whenever one is unfavorable or favorable.

Lopez needs to choose only one citizenship and allegiance since loyalty to two flags is conflicting.

 #ShutdownABSCBNPermanently is my stand. Btw, this is also because most of ABS-CBN's shows are dumbing down the masses and making their viewers too stupid to realize they are being brainwashed.

Only pure Filipinos should be allowed to own media entities. If you have more than one citizenship, it's similar to being a foreign owner (even when you are considered half-Filipino or half-American. We know how media is being used to manipulate our thinking, thus could be more dangerous if connected with foreign entities similar to Rappler. Look at how Maria Ressa stinks. Just as how Filipino - Chinese businessmen have an edge when dealing with the Chinese, we cannot be comfortable with Lopez being a US citizen too. Any other business is acceptable except media outfits and national security positions.

Please check the original provisions of the Anti- Dummy Law. It is a commonweath act, sir. Made in the 1930's. The part which has not been amended, specifically prohibits a person who is MARRIED or HAS A CONCUBINE who is a foreigner to sit in the Board of a corporation when the constitution or the law requires such position to be occupied by a Filipino. If the spouse is prohibited from being a foreigner- how much more to be a dual citizen?

"But even if he was granted Filipino citizenship in 2002 and dual citizenship in 2003, Immigration records tend to show that from 1986, when he first joined ABS-CBN, to 2002, Lopez was in fact an American citizen.

Article XVI, Section 11 (1) of the Constitution limits the ownership and management of mass media to Philippine citizens.

Lopez had been an American citizen for about 50 years until his application for Filipino citizenship was approved in 2002."

Lopez is also a US Citizen because he was born in USA. He has a dual citizenship. The Philippines recognized  dual citizenship pursuant to RA 9225 enacted during the time of Pnoy.   A person with dual citizenship is bound by laws of both countries, hence, he has a divided allegiance: to  RP and USA.  Considering that mass media is impressed with public interest as pointed out in the Constitution, it is debatable if a person with divided allegiance is within the context of a “Filipino Citizen” to own  and manage a  commercial mass media under Section 11,  Article XVI, of the Constitution!

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