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The Best Ways to Spend Your Birthday

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There are good and bad moments in our lives. Bad phases are painful whereas good phases are not only beautiful but are celebrated as well. Parents celebrate when a child is born to them. This celebration turns into “Birthday” for a child, that is celebrated on that specific date and month when that child was born. Every one of us fanaticizes our birthday celebrations. During earlier birthdays of our childhood, we have parents, siblings, and relatives around us. As we grow, there is an addition of our friends and further in mature age sometimes our colleagues may also join us. Here in this schismatic narrative blog, we will discuss some best way to celebrate your birthday:

Plan but don’t over plan

Planning your birthday is a good step, but getting too much obsessed with planning is not a good deal. Most of us start planning their birthday before a month. They look for so many online ideas regarding themes, venue, invitation cards, and many more that choosing any of them becomes hard. Nothing in this world is perfect and so are we and are plans. Therefore, stay calm and think of a simple and easy plan for your birthday.

Make a budget

The best way for a successful birthday party is to make a complete budget for all the expenses of your event. It includes your expenses for food, drinks, music, venue, decorations, etc. You must not spend your money on unnecessary things. The priceless fun and gathering of your loved ones are enough to make your day memorable. Thus, you must spend much time in enjoyment during birthday instead of spending a huge amount of money to the organizer or wasting on useless luxuries and items.

Choose a venue

The venue of your birthday could be your home or outside, in a location that is most accessible to all your guests. At home, your noise of music might annoy your neighbors. It also becomes hectic when it comes to cleaning of the birthday mess after the event. However, celebrating it at home is economical and more suitable due to the current situation due to COVID-19. If you still, manage to celebrate outside.

Inviting your friends and relatives

Throwing a birthday for many unnecessary people may sometimes become very annoying. Some people are always looking forward to ruining your happiness. You have to make a list of your closest and loved ones for invitation other than your family (as they are already there). This helps to avoid any kind of embarrassment and mishaps during the function and you can celebrate it to the fullest.


Whether a birthday party or a wedding event, nowadays, selecting a theme for any event has become the topmost priority. You must choose the one that best suits your budget. It shows your taste and adds to the glory of the event. You must decorate your theme ideas one day earlier. Otherwise, you may be short of time the next day and cannot accomplish your other necessary tasks in time.

Buying everything a day earlier

You should buy every item of your grocery and decoration items just a day before your birthday. Buying them on the same day may cause stress, which will not allow you to celebrate your birthday well.
Fun games

Fun games during a birthday party are one of the interesting activities that every guest enjoys. You can check online, very economical ideas for fun games like musical chairs.

Gifts opening Activities

Birthday brings gifts along with it. Your guests might bring according to their financial standards. You may open the gifts of those who want their gifts to be opened before everyone. This is also an interesting activity for your birthday

Time management

This is one of the most important things to be followed to make your event successful. On the beautiful day of your birthday, you must start your day with punctuality. You must remind your guest to be punctual as well. The event should be started on time. All the fun, music, and games should be accomplished in time. Prolonging any item may not only create an atmosphere of boredom but many of the necessary tasks might remain incomplete.
Although we all want our birthday to be the most memorable and successful if for some reason we may not celebrate according to our ways, we must not be disheartened. We must let go of small errors and enjoy fully as that is our special day.

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